Short Courses

Short Courses are short, part-time courses designed to provide task-oriented skills training. These courses range from 6 to 60 hours, enabling participants to update or learn new skills in their specific area of interest. There are four yearly intakes in January, April, July and September. Here are some good reasons why you should apply:

  • You can choose from the wide array of courses we offer
  • You can be kept abreast of the changes in technology
  • You can acquire new skills from fields different from your current industry
  • There is no examination and you will receive a Certificate-of-Achievement issued by ITE (with minimum 75% attendance)

There are no exams for Short Courses. You will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement at the end of your course if you attain an attendance of at least 75%.

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Short Courses offered at ITE College East:

Business & Communication

  • Internet Marketing – Making Money Online (NSA / SFC)


  • Air-Conditioner Maintenance (NSA / SFC)
  • CAD – Creating Parts & Draw Assemblies with SolidWorks (NSA / SFC)
  • Electrical – Home Maintenance (NSA / SFC)
  • Electrical – Motor Starters & Maintenance (NSA / SFC)
  • Electrical – Switchboard Maintenance (NSA / SFC)
  • Electrical Installation – CP5:1998 Code of Practice (NSA / SFC)
  • Electrical Installation – Test & Inspect Residential & Commercial Properties (NSA / SFC)
  • Electrical Maintenance (Beginners) (NSA / SFC)
  • Mobile Phone – Essential Servicing Skills (NSA / SFC)
  • PLC Programming – Fundamentals (NSA / SFC)
  • Plumbing Maintenance (NSA / SFC)
  • Swimming Pool Maintenance & Operation (NSA / SFC)

Personal Development

  • Grooming – Dressing & Colour Analysis (NSA / SFC)
  • Nursing – Monitor Blood Glucose & Administer Subcutaneous Insulin (NSA / SFC)
  • Nursing – Oral & Nasogastric Tube Feeding (NSA / SFC)
  • Nursing – Wound Care (NSA / SFC)

Functional English

  • Beginners’ English Level 1 (NSA / SFC)
  • Beginners’ English Level 2 (NSA / SFC)
  • Beginners’ English Level 3 (NSA / SFC)
  • Everyday Mandarin (Beginners) (NSA / SFC)



* NSA: Singaporean aged 50 and above are eligible for National Silver Academy (NSA) subsidy of up to 50% course fees. Visit for more information.

* SFC: SkillsFuture Credits – Self-sponsored Singaporeans aged 25 years and above can use their SkillsFuture Credit to pay fees. Visit for more information.

* Skills Development Fund (SDF) Training Assistance – Sponsoring company can apply for the SkillsDevelopment Fund (SDF) in the SkillsConnect System at for selected courses applied. The list of courses for SDF is available on the SkillsConnect system. For assistance on the use of SkillsConnect, you may contact SkillsFuture Singapore at 67855785.