Campus Life

The overall development of students at ITE College East is important to the College. The facilities and wide range of co-curricular activities available seek to help discover individual talents, and in the process, build character and a healthy self-esteem.

Where It All Happens
The College’s modern campus is planned with students’ needs in mind. The campus provides a conducive environment for self-directed learning, group discussions, personal development and relaxation. It serves as a College where it all happens.

In between classes and after school, students can have a leisurely meal at the modern and spacious cafeterias, catch up on their reading in the Library or hang out with their friends at the Student Activity Centre.

Recognising the value of work exposure, the College makes a deliberate effort to offer work opportunities to the students. Students pursuing the various disciplines will find a vista of part-time employment related to their pursuits, be it in customer service, e-publishing, retail, technical support or product design and development.

Student Welfare
Just as important is the students’ total well-being. The Student Care Centre is open during school hours and students may drop by or make an appointment to consult the counsellors on time management, financial or social advice.

e-Learning & Services
The College is a wireless campus and this gives students the flexibility of accessing e-information anywhere, anytime. The e-Student Portal, comprising e-Student access, enables students to retrieve campus notices, term timetables and process administrative needs quickly without fuss. E-tutor, on the other hand, allows students to complete self-directed learning.

Learning Hub
The Library at ITE College East serves as an informal learning hub. It is not only a learning area for students to refer to curriculum related materials but it is also an events hall and a gateway to house exhibits.

The event hall is a ‘Happening Zone’ for students to express their thoughts and display their talents. It is fully equipped with multimedia and e-learning facilities and is a conducive meeting and study environment.

Lifebound & World Ready
Beyond good grounding in their chosen technical speciality, students will also gain a firm foundation in the skills that make them lifebound and world-ready.

The Lifeskills Department promotes successful mastery for students through the Steps-to-Success programme. Through the programme, students will realise their full potential, shoot for goals, connect well with others, be instilled with the entrepreneurial spirit and serve the community and country.

The curriculum is highly-interactive, with experiential-based lessons and journaling for self-reflection. Field trips and outdoor adventure learning are incorporated.

Co-Curricular Activities
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