ITE’s Internet Acceptable Usage Policy

1 Purpose of ITE’s Internet Facilities The purpose of ITE’s Internet is to advance and promote information access and exchange to further enhance education in Singapore. It will act as an additional channel for all users to communicate ideas, share experiences, collaborate in projects and tap information sources, locally as well as internationally, for the fulfillment of educational objectives in the information age. 2 Acceptable Usage Policy

2.1 All usage of ITE’s Internet shall be consistent with the stated purpose of the network. It is therefore imperative that members conduct themselves in a responsible, decent, ethical and polite manner while using the network.

2.2 Any user of ITE’s Internet facilities for illegal, inappropriate, or obscene purposes ,or in support of such activities, is prohibited. Illegal activities shall be defined as a violation of government laws. Inappropriate use shall be defined as violation of the intended use and stated purpose of the network. Obscene activities shall include accessing and posting anything distasteful, undesirable or derogatory which is prejudicial to the good name of ITE.

2.3 Attempting to break into other computer on Internet is an offence.

2.4 Intentionally denying or degrading other users’ legitimate access to computing facilities, as well as willful introduction of computer viruses onto the Internet is prohibited.

2.5 Any use of the network for commercial purposes is prohibited.

2.6 Copying programmes or data protected by copyright laws or by special licence is prohibited.

2.7 Any user’s traffic that traverse another network may be subject to that network’s acceptable usage policy.

2.8 Internet accounts shall be used only by the authorised owner of the account. Account owners are ultimately responsible for all activities under their accounts. ITE shall not be responsible for any misuse by any user, authorized or otherwise.

2.9 These conditions apply in addition to, and not replace, existing rules on the usage of ITE’s computer facilities.