Web Application & Development

Web-Based ATM Services Simulation

The “ATM Services Simulator” is an interactive web-based application which simulates the ATM.  Bank customers can discover available ATM services as well as practise & familiarise themselves with ATM usage before performing actual transactions at the ATM.

RFID Retail Store Management System

Instead of the traditional barcode solution, this system uses RFID technology to perform operations such as stock-taking, stock-receiving and stock-transferring in a retail store. It reduces manual operations and paperwork whilst at the same time improves the accuracy of store records.


Remote Data Acquisition System
This project involved, firstly, the studying of the operating protocol of a Power Quality Analyzer (PQA), followed by the development of a software application to remotely communicate with multiple installations of this equipment in a networked environment. The system allows users to configure data monitoring & capturing schedules which are automatically uploaded to all selected PQAs in the network. Data collected will then be stored in a central database.