Product Design & Mechanical Drafting

Design of Simulation of Domestic Heater System

The project involved plastic mould modelling as well as fluid dynamics simulation.


Potato Shearing Machine
This Potato Shearing Machine was designed with the aim of minimising manual labour in food manufacturing companies and improving productivity. A unique feature of this human-operated machine is that it can shear potatoes into consistent sizes.


Quick Deployment Staging Board
The Mechanical Engineering (ME) Department and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) were partners in an Industry Collaboration Project to develop a “Staging Board” which could weather harsh environments in fire-fighting missions.

Used by SCDF Emergency Operations Officers, the “Staging Board” must be lightweight, mobile as well as stable and yet robust enough to withstand rugged-handling during emergency operations. After numerous iterations of design and modification in collaboration with SCDF, a team from the ME Department eventually created a “Staging Board” which met all the challenging requirements. Leveraging on advanced 3D Modelling and Simulation software, the team also created a quick release mechanism which enables the “Staging Board” to be deployed within 3 seconds; a significant advantage for SCDF. In addition, field tests conducted by many SCDF departments yielded very positive results.