Mobile Solutions & Computing

Mobile Learning Platform
Designed and developed for a local education institution, the “Mobile Learning Platform” is a web-based and mobile system which makes learning pervasive and not being confined to the classroom or campus. This platform provides learners ease and convenience in accessing learning materials and assessments anytime anywhere.



Mobile Chinese Idioms Game
This “Mobile Chinese Idioms Game”, which runs on the Apple iPhone, is a educational game for students to learn Chinese through idioms. The game has different levels of difficulty catering to students of various standards. It is available from the Apple AppStore.


Iphone Sales Catalogue

The iPhone application is a solution that was developed on an iphone/ipad for Customer’s product/service cataloging to assist their sales team on customer service.



0Mobile Patient Reporting Application
This mobile application, developed for a hospital, uses PDAs and replaces the manual recording of temperature readings, medicine consumption as well as patient’s daily events & activities. In addition to enhancing the productivity of care-givers by reducing the hassle with paperwork, this application is an efficient communication tool for nurses and doctors to share information real-time, and to convey instructions during the change of work shifts.



Open Learning Environment
The Open Learning Environment is an IT platform that provides virtual learning features for on-site learners using web and mobile applications. It was developed for a local tertiary institution.


Paperless Mobile Payment System
This “Paperless Mobile Payment System” is a Java ME application which provides users the ease of making bill payments using a mobile phone. Bills are sent electronically to users’ mobile phone for which payment can be made straight away. Outstanding bills as well as payment records can also be retrieved and viewed directly on the mobile phone.