Food Automation

Design and Development of Meat Cutter

A meat cutter was designed and developed to produce meat piece of consistent shape and size which cut down wastage and increase yield. The cutter also reduces the number of cuts required thereby increasing productivity. The meat cutter has built-in safety features with minimal manual handling for food hygiene.


Automatic Pastry Line Glazing Machine
A glazing machine was designed and developed to achieve even coating of pastries which would not be possible when done manually. Whilst increasing productivity and yield, the machine also improves product quality.With minimal manual handling of the pastries, food hygiene has been raised.


Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Machine
A food-packaging machine, using Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) technology, was designed and developed for food manufacturing companies. The machine is low-cost, highly effective and yet, at the same time, easy to use offering a one-touch operating feature.