Shanghai Modern Circulation School

New Collaborative Partnership with Shanghai Modern Circulation School


From 5 to 16 Dec 2011, a team comprising 20 students and 1 staff from the Higher Nitec in Integrated Logistics Management course, ITE College East, participated in an Overseas Student and Staff Exchange programme to Shanghai Modern Circulation School (SMCS) in Shanghai, China.

At the opening ceremony, the Letter of Collaboration which confirms the intent of both ITE and SMCS to collaborate on exchange programmes for the mutual benefit of staff and students at both institutions was inked with the presence of SMCS’ principal Mr Li Jian Cheng and staff, and ITE CE’s trip leader Ms Chu Lay Koon and students.

Our students enjoyed the trip very much as it not only gave them the opportunity to experience a different learning environment, culture and logistics practice, but it also provided them with ample opportunities to try many new things for the first time in their lives.  They got to interact with the local students in Mandarin during the student exchange forum, operate a forklift to pass through many high-difficulty barriers and “challenge” the China national champion, give their speeches in Mandarin, learn the functionality of hand-held RFID device during practical lesson, make custom documentation using Chinese software and many more.

The visits to the logistics companies such as Weltex Trading Co., Ltd, Shanghai Century Pte Ltd, and Shanghai Chang Jiang Pte Ltd have also broadened our students’ learning horizon. The logistics companies have gone to great length to explain to our students the logistics practices in China, and made arrangement for the SMCS students who were on industrial attachment to share their learning experience with our students.

At the closing ceremony, our students presented an interesting video clip in which they each delivered their reflections and words of appreciation in Mandarin.

Overall, this is a very fruitful trip with abundance of exchange, joy, knowledge and experience that will etch in our memories forever.


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