National Environment Agency

MOU Signing Ceremony with National Environment Agency and Singapore Environment Institute


National Environment Agency (NEA) and Singapore Environment Institute (SEI) have been very supportive towards ITE’s pedagogy, systems and processes. This has opened up opportunities for participants to be licensed as well as to upgrade their knowledge vital for the industry.

ITE’s first partnership with SEI in 2006 was for Swimming Pool Maintenance. In January this year, SEI indicated to ITE the need to provide education and licensing for Food Handlers, Vector Control Workers and Vector Control Technicians. As such, ITE rolled out the new curriculum with involvement from NEA, SEI and the Singapore Pest Management Association (SPMA).

To date, more than 700 participants have enrolled in Pest Management course, Pest Control course, as well as Refresher Training on Food Hygiene for Food Handlers.

On 23 Nov 2010, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between our Principal, Mr Eden Liew and Mr Ong Eng Kian (Director/SEI), with Mr Satish Appoo (Director/Environment Health Department/NEA) as well as guests from NEA, SEI and SPMA in attendance.

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