School Fees Payment

All Course fees, Supplementary fees, Examination fees and Registration fees (if any) are due upon commencement of the term. No invoice will be sent. Students can access the online ITE Student Portal with the User ID and Password issued by ITE during application to view the fees payable. Students are required to pay their term fees for all terms in order to remain in their course of study.

Post Secondary Education Account (PSEA)
It is compulsory for Singaporean students to pay their fees with PSEA unless they do not have enough funds in the account. Please call MOE Customer Service Hotline at 6260 0777 to check on the PSEA balances. Students with Singaporean siblings who have balances in their PSEA accounts may opt to use their sibling’s account funds for payment of school fees and approved enrichment programmes. Students may complete the standing order form and submit it to the Customer & Visitor Centre at ITE College East.

The standing order form can be downloaded here.

General Interbank Recurring Order (GIRO)
Payment of fees via GIRO deduction is only applicable to subsequent semesters. Singaporean students who do not have sufficient funds in their PSEA, and students who do not have a PSEA should sign up for GIRO payment for fee payment. Students will be informed of the GIRO deduction date for each term through the notification letters. Therefore, all students are reminded to update the school immediately of any change in address.

Students who have not signed up to use PSEA or GIRO must pay their fees via one of the following modes by the end of the first week of term:

At the Customer & Visitor Centre (CVC)
By NETS, Credit Card (MASTERCARD/VISA), Cheque (Payable to ITE)

Important Note:
Bursary holders and SSAS applicants are required to pay their school fees. Students applying for bursary are expected to settle their fees immediately upon receipt of the bursary awards. Students who are successful in their application for SSAS, are required to pay the balance if the quantum awarded is not enough to cover the outstanding fees.