What are the various schemes available to students? Is it compulsory for students to buy them? What if a student already has an existing hospitalisation policy?
All full-time students registered with ITE are covered under the Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy.

Full-time International Students studying in ITE are required to participate in the Group Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance [GHSI(IS)] scheme. The purpose of the GHSI(IS) is to help defray the hospitalisation expenses for International Students in the event that they are hospitalised. The GHSI(IS) will enable international students to overcome the need to put up a cash deposit at B1 class rates for hospitalisation in government and government restructured hospitals in Singapore.

All students in the Nitec in Nursing and Higher Nitec in Paramedic & Emergency Care courses are required to participate in the GHSI(Healthcare) scheme.  The GHSI(Healthcare) provides coverage for hospitalisation expenses plus an outpatient rider for clinical attachments.

How much are the students required to pay and what is the coverage?
Part of the supplementary fees collected from students are used to purchase the Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy. No additional sum of monies need to be paid by the student. The insurance premium for GHSI(IS) and GHSI(Healthcare) will be included in the fees at the start of each academic term and the rate payable is subject to yearly review. The premium is indicated at the ITE website. Students may also log in to their Student Portal ( for more details on the insurance coverage.

If the accident does not occur in the College ground, can student claim the insurance?
Yes. The Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy has a 24-hour worldwide coverage.

What is the claiming procedure? How long does it take for the whole procedure to be completed?
The injured student is required to complete a claim form which is obtainable through the Class Advisor (CA) or at Customer & Visitor Centre. The CA will then submit the completed form together with the student’s original receipts of claim to Student Services Department. All claims must be submitted to the Insurer within 30 days from the date of the accident. Usually, a student can expect to be reimbursed within 2 weeks to a month from the date of submission of the claim to the Insurer.