With effect from January 2013, a revised CCA Marking Scheme, known as PRAISE, will reward you for your involvement in a variety of activities under the 8 Student Development tracks, including enrichment programmes, CCAs, community service, competitions and more.

Participation in such activities will allow you to accumulate marks which will translate into CCA marks and corresponding GPA Advantage Points.

Please click here to access the User Guide on how to apply for CCA, update CCA involvement and view CCA records.


Through involvement in CCAs and other activities, you will be given marks based on your accomplishments in 6 categories, collectively known as PRAISE:

P articipation

R epresentation

A chievement

l eadership

S ervice

E nrichment

Depending on the level of involvement and accomplishment, you will be able to earn between:

  • 1- 5 marks from the categories of Participation, Service and Enrichment.
  • 2 – 10 marks from the categories of Representation, Achievement and Leadership.
  • The highest mark attained in each of the categories will be added together and converted into GPA Advantage Point as below.

Translation of CCA Marks to CCA Awards and GPA Advantage Points

Marks Accumulated from CCA & other Activities (requirement for 2-yr/ 3-yr courses) Marks Accumulated from CCA & other Activities (requirement for 1-yr courses & direct entry to 2nd) CCA Award GPA Advantage Points
25 marks and above 20 marks and above Platinum 0.20
18 – 24 marks 15 – 19 marks Gold 0.15
5 – 17 marks 5 – 14 marks Silver 0.10
3 – 4 marks 3 – 4 marks Bronze 0.05

Important Notes

You can accumulate marks over the duration of your course i.e. if you are enrolled in a 2-year programme, you have 2 years to accumulate 25 marks for a Platinum, 18 marks for a Gold and so on.

The final mark awarded for the category is not cumulative but based on the highest level of participation i.e. if you earn 3 marks for Participation in your 1st year in ITE, and 5 marks in your 2nd year, the final mark awarded is 5. This applies to all 6 categories.

Your participation and contribution to selected external groups and events are also eligible for CCA marks. For example, secondary school uniformed groups, official sports clubs, activities at community centres and so on. Please ensure that supporting documents are available to have your involvement verified by Student Development Dept.

Full Details of the PRAISE Scoring Scheme (Click here for PDF file)


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