Personal Development

Personal Development_BannerBecoming a successful person takes more than just doing well in exams. Learn to be aware of the environment you live in, manage your priorities and enrich yourself with essential skills that you can use in all aspects of your life. Be involved in learning journeys and enrichment programmes to broaden and deepen your learning skills, and widen your scope and choices of career opportunities available.

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Anime Manga Cosplay

Found in 2016, Anime Manga Cosplay Club(AMCC@CE) is established to make a difference through cosplaying and other forms of Japanese pop culture appreciation to inspire others and promote friendship, camaraderie, fun and play. Come and join AMCC@CE where you can meet like-minded peers.

Audio Visual Club

Have you ever wondered how sound and video are being played when you watch a show at the theatre? If you are interested to know how to operate the AVA system and want to be the man/woman behind the scene, the AVA club is your choice. As a member of the Club, you will have the opportunity to learn and operate sophisticated Hi-Fi amplifier equipment; which includes mixer and equalizer, similar to those used in the theatre. Hands-on training shall be provided to members on the functions, operations, maintenance and troubleshooting of AVA system. You will also have the opportunity to serve the college in manning the AVA system in Lecture theatres, Amphitheatre, Auditorium and Stadium for events organized by the college.

Aquatic Sciences

Aquatic Sciences Club is the club to gives room for students to perform scientific research and multidisciplinary study of aquatic systems, encompassing both freshwater and marine systems. Scientific investigations within this field often examine the technology impact on and interaction with aquatic systems that range in: (1) Water pollution in relation to aquatic animals (2) Aquatic animals interaction and behaviour (3) Impact on aquatic animal nutrition feeds technology (4) Aquatic genetics (5) Aquatic animals breeding technology Students with passion and interest for aquatic animals and technology are welcome to join us now.

Astronomy Club

CE Astronomy Club is a club that will allow you to experience the wonders of our cosmic world. In this Club, you will gain knowledge on celestial objects, observe planets and stars with our very own in house telescopes and binoculars. No prior experience is required to join this Club. Through this Club, you can expect to experience a wide variety of activities organized by the Club members!

Care Connection Club

The aim of the Care Connection Club is to provide fellow students with a listening ear and helping hand when in need.
Here, club members are equipped with skills to handle peer intervention, helping others and learning how to address the needs of those in dire straits.
Club activities include monthly gathering for games, activities, etc. where members can learn and interact with one another.

Chem Club

Want to find out how you can learn chemistry through interactive ways and games? Come and join us, and unveil the mysteries of chemistry. Design your very own games to promote interest in chemical sciences! Chem Club places great emphasis on fostering team spirit within the club and also organises enrichment programs for club members such as excursions to Singapore’s very own chemical hub Jurong Island and other science institutions. In addition, our club initiates recycling projects and organises events such as the Hands-on, Minds-on and Hearts-on Camp, which aims to help secondary students awaken their intellectual curiosity, stir their imagination, and inspire them to discover and explore the training available in our NITEC in Chemical Process Technology programme. On top of that, our club will represent ITE to participate in chemical sciences events such as the Open-House, exhibitions and the Singapore National Crystal Growing Challenge, which are excellent platforms for members to apply their knowledge in chemistry and to interact with participants from other schools and institutions. Note: For CPT students only.

Chess Club

If you want a quiet place to relax and mix with like-minded friends after a hectic school week, this is the club for you. It doesn’t matter if you know the game or not. So long you show strong interest in the game and are committed to it, the Club welcomes you. (Of course, if you are good at it, the Club loves you more!) Both International Chess (“English” chess) and Chinese Chess, as well as WeiQi, are offered by the Club. Regular activities include beginner classes in Chinese Chess and sparing exercises. In addition, members can look forward to participating in the annual ITE College East Inter-School Chinese Chess Competition and for the very good players, they will have the chance to represent the College in the prestigious ITESC Chinese Chess Competition and other external competitions. Members will also get to participate in outings organised by the Club as well as involving themselves in leading the club as office holders. At the end of the year, Chess Club members will be awarded CCA points according to your level of active participation.

Computer Club

In this club, students will be able to organise computer-related activities and seminars in ITE College East. Students will be equipped with IT skills and knowledge which will allow them to conduct short courses to teach other students.

CPT Digest Club

The objective of CPT Digest Club is for students to express their creativity through the production of a newsletter (CPT Digest) and Facebook page for the Chemical Process Technology Department (CPT). Members can make use of the CPT Digest and Facebook to improve their craft in communication and innovation through newsletter editing, conducting interviews, news-reporting, graphic-design, videography and photography. Come join CPT Digest Club if you have the passion and enthusiasm to take on the opportunities for self-improvement offered by the various activities you can find in this club. Note: For Chemical Process Technology students only.

Electrical Engineering Club

The Electrical Engineering Club is made up of dedicated and enthusiastic students from College East. Our goal is to provide all students in the club with the best experience that we can offer. Examples of activities in the club are constructing and assembling interesting electrical & electronics projects, visit industries, overseas programmes, helping the needy through projects with Society of the Physically Disabled (SPD) and much more. Joining the club will provide you with a good opportunity to acquire new experience and skills that will benefit you when you join the workforce. Note: For Electrical Engineering/ Technology students only.

Fashion & Glamour Club

Fashion & Glamour Club is a very interesting club for students of both genders. It is where you can learn anything and everything about beauty. We offer DIY workshops for beginners namely, SeaSalt Scrub, Lip Scrub, Handcream and other crafts example, body art painting, nail art stamping & dotting, hair styling, basic makeup and eyebrows drawing. During the workshops, our friendly leaders will share with you their knowledge and guide you through a fun-filled workshop. At the end of the workshop, you will bring home what you have created and most importantly a most memorable experience.

Flying Club

Wants to reach for the sky? Especially for those who dare to dream, challenge yourself and innovate a flying machine like no other. Develop and design your unique RC flying machine based on the Theory of Flight and let it take off to fly in the Sky. A surprising boosts in creativity, problem solving and enhance the bonding among the peers together in achieving the team’s flying goal. Join us, Fly Beyong The Sky !!

Gastronomy Club

Gastronomy club aspires to enrich the lives of members through various forms of creativity through food. Some of the activities include learning various preparation techniques, baking, plating and decorating of food through real food ingredients as well as creative clay. This club is set up with the intention of instilling a sense of awareness of healthy choices and types of food preparation with both with real ingredients and with clay. It focusses not only on the creation of food and miniature clay food art; it also allows students to exercise leadership skills, community involvement programmes and social entrepreneurship, through college events and collaboration with the community and external organizations/vendors.

Holistic Wellness Club

The Holistic Wellness Club seeks to enhance the all-round well being of its members, and CE students through fun activities and awareness building programmes.

Horticulture Club

Do you like landscaping or growing plants? Ever wondered if you have a green thumb? The horticulture club will grow your interest in trees and plants and all things green! We have lots of fun activities like growing and selling vegetables, doing plant workshops and creating beautiful landscapes.
You would be interested in this CCA if you love:
the outdoors, the environment, colours.
The benefits you will get:
learn about the wonders of plants and the green environment, develop design and creativity skills, the experience of growing and selling your own products, charting a career in the fast growing green industry of landscaping.

ITE-ASHRAE (Air Con) Club

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) is the world’ s foremost technical society in the fields of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration. Its members are individuals who share ideas, identify the need for research and support it. Members also write the industry’s standards for testing and practice. The result of these efforts is that engineers are better equipped to keep indoor environments safe and productive while protecting and preserving the outdoors for generations to come. ASHRAE’s works rest on a foundation built by thousands of volunteers assisted by a professional staff. These volunteers set standards for design and testing. They identify the need for funds and monitor research to improve equipment and system performance. Through its publications and educational programmes, ASHRAE promotes the appropriate use of new technologies. ASHRAE serves as industry’s most authoritative voice on technical issues in the public and private sectors, at national and international levels. The purpose of an ITE-ASHRAE Student Branch is to get students interested, concerned and involved in pursuing a career in the field of heating, ventilation, refrigeration and air-conditioning. Student membership in ASHRAE and involvement in a student branch can be a good beginning towards meeting this goal. What Makes Us Stand Out! – You would have the chance to meet many leading industrial leaders and businessmen – You would be given opportunities to participate in overseas conferences – Opportunities to interact with students from overseas who share the same passion in the engineering field – Opportunities to take part in competitions and community service – CCA points to be graded according to your participation. Note: For FCT students only.

Writers’ Room

Do you enjoy seeing your writing published? Do you relish exclusive rights and access to events for media coverage such as interviews, concerts as well as events in and out of campus? The Journaling Club is where you ought to be if you are beaming by now. Learn the intricacies of publishing in the various media from draft to print. Express your creativity by making the communication platform one that you can call your very own. Join the club where youth, energy, language flair and flamboyance are qualities we are looking for.

Library Club

The activities of College East Library Club centres in the Library@East. All members have to contribute a minimum of 2 hours per week to carry out duties such as shelving, shelf-reading and item processing. Special duties such as customer service and event management in the library will be assigned to members who are able to contribute more time to the club. Library club members are given the opportunity to develop their leadership and other related lifeskills. Library Club members will have the opportunity to attend training and workshops organised to equip them with library related skills. Recreational activities for Library Club members are periodically organised to provide the opportunity for social interaction and team bonding among members.
Indeed, Library Club is another CCA in ITE College East that provide students with the opportunity to develop their talent and potentials beyond the classroom.

Mechanical Engineering Club

Join us if you are game enough for the following activities:
* Overseas industrial visit cum technological enrichment.
* Leadership training for club bearer.
* Learn-As-U-Earn ( Maintenance of Equipment & Machinery)
* Skill Competition
* Local Industrial visit. Note: For Mechanical Engineering students only.

Mathematics Club

The Maths Club seeks to cultivate an interest in and appreciation of Mathematics among our students through games and outdoor activities. We provide an avenue whereby you can look into the various facets of Mathematics in a non-formal setting. By organizing activities involving Mathematical concepts in a fun and enjoyable way, you shall overcome any misconception or apprehension you may have towards Mathematics. The following are some of the activities conducted: 1. Visits to Singapore Science Centre, Educational Institutes, etc 2. Outdoor activities such as the Math Trail at Sentosa. 3. Board games and computer games to stimulate interest in Mathematics.

Mind Sports Club

Want to improve your concentration, communication, analytical thinking & problem-solving skills, sharpen your memory, stimulate your creativity and boost your self-confident.
Come and join the Mind Sports club where you will make new friends, challenge your mind to learn and play many exciting & challenging strategy games such as Risk, Cluedo, Carrom, Scrabble, Dividends, etc. You also learn to design and develop creative techno-craft works using technology & electronics such as Lego Mindstorms, electronics kit sets, etc. You may form a team to play and challenge traditional kampong games, Snake & Ladder, Hopscotch, Five stones, Capteh.

Mobile Applications Club & Enterprise

This club aims to develop competency in developing mobile applications, and cultivating entrepreneurship pertaining to mobile devices amongst young individuals. Statistics show that almost 77% of the global population are mobile subscribers. With the evolving technology of small powered handheld gadgets such as the iPhone, there is an uprising trend in the demand of mobile applications. Facilities and equipment have been put in place for our MACE members to engage in continuous self-learning and research to spur their interest in developing applications. Well known programming languages that students will be exposed to are Objective C, Java, HTML 5 and other various alternatives.
MACE members will also learn to develop their soft skills and be equipped with the knowledge and tools to embark on a mini business that will allow them to practise their entrepreneurship skills.

Music Recording

Music Recording Club is open to all students interested to learn how to record their own musical compositions. Students will be taught the basic operation of Avid’s Pro Tools to record and mix live music & vocals. Students without any musical knowledge or unable to play instruments will be exposed to Apple’s Garageband where they will learn to use virtual instruments to create and compose their own music. Music Recording Club actively participates in video competitions and selected projects will be made into music videos, thus some simple video production and editing skills will be picked up along the way. No auditions needed and open to everyone keen to learn something new!

Business Club

This Club organises various events throughout the year. Examples are Students’ Bazaars, Business Networking Sessions, Workshops and Competitions. We recruit students who have an appetite for business or are contemplating starting a business in the future. All are welcome to apply.

SNA Student Nurses Chapter

The Student Nurses Chapter is derived from the Singapore Nurses’ Association. SNA is the only professional body in Singapore offering nursing students (ITE, NYP, NP and NUS) a specialised student advancement in nursing through team building activities, AGMs, in-service learning and continuing educational programmes. Note: For Nursing students only.

Videography Club

Digital video brings the power of studio production to the personal computer. With just a video camera, a computer, and the proper software, you can create your own videos for personal or business use. Now, you can be the person behind the camera, not some “pricey” video specialists and, if you’re on this page and not already a club member, we’re glad that you’re thinking about joining us. Join ITE College East Videography Club now, and learn the fun and effective way to capture life’s exciting moments. It’s not the camera, but who’s behind the camera.
The main objective of the College East Videography Club is to train and expose our students to the different elements of video production, like scriptwriting, lighting, sound, camera handling and shooting techniques. Students will also be taught the fundamental skills of digital video editing. The Club also aims to have our trained members cover the photography and videography of college functions as well as community events.

Tactical NERF Training Command

TACTCOM allows members to be actively involved in team bonding activities through NERF or foam dart blasters.  Members can enjoy sharing experiences, discuss strategies, gears, outfit and equipment with regards to this. It also allows members to stay fit as its session includes physical activities such as running and strategic movements. Primarily, teamwork is most important in TACTCOM because squad goals are key to achieving objectives.

Internet Of Things Cyber Security

This club aims to develop students’ proficiency in the infrastructure of the information society, cultivating their technical skills pertaining to software systems, sensors, network connectivity in a secure environment. With the convergence of multiple technologies, evolving development of handheld gadgets, and the proliferation of wireless communications, packets of data is moved globally which can be integrated and automated from home appliances to an enterprise network.