Leadership_BannerSee yourself as a leader? Or maybe you have the potential but are in need of a little encouragement to unleash it? Look no further as this track provides you with the tools for effective leadership through comprehensive workshops, camps and training programmes. Selected students will also have opportunities to put practice into action by taking up leadership roles in school.

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Bridge Leaders Club

Be A Bridge Leader
Being a Bridge Leader is an opportunity to really make a difference at College East. ITE College East established the Bridge Leader Club with a unique role to connect the current students and college through interactions. This group of student leaders are responsible for unleashing the potential of groups and individuals alike. The club also provides the Bridge Leaders with an excellent opportunity to gain valuable experience – improving skills such as communication and teamwork.

The list below includes some of the things we’re looking for in potential leaders. Don’t panic if you’re not an expert in something (or in everything)—that’s what the training is for—

· Able to demonstrate leadership skills, initiative, accountability, motivation, and professionalism
· The ability to work as a team member
· Flexibility—the ability to adapt to change with ease and grace
· The ability to work with diverse populations
· Enthusiasm and a positive attitude

CE Student Ambassador

If you are in love with your College, a people-magnet (people are just drawn to you), and/or are looking for opportunities to hone your public speaking skills, WE WANT U! Student Ambassadors will not only get to represent ITE College East in providing marketing talks to secondary school students, they will also get to participate in College East marketing activities, events and more… A Definite NO NO for the FAINT-Hearted! **Interested candidates will have to go through 2 rounds of interview before confirmation.


The NCC APEX-I Club is a post-econdary and non-niformed club targeting ex-NCC cadets and pre-enlisted male Singaporeans to inculcate in them the importance and relevance of National Service. All students with or without NCC background are allowed to participate in its activities. However, priority will be given to former NCC Cadets. The NCC APEX-I Club has its focus on the 3 key areas of leadership development, military knowledge development and citizenship development. The club aims to develop the leadership potential of its cadets through the NYAA programme. Likewise, the club also aims to develop the fitness and military competencies of its cadets through their process to earn the prestigious Army-NCC Badge. Lastly, the club hopes to develop its cadets into responsible and loyal Singapore citizens by forming community partnerships with various charitable and social organisations and getting its cadets to participate actively in the joint activities. Some of the activities of the NCC APEX-I Club includes courses on ‘Basic Survival Life-skill Knowledge’, ‘Basic First-Aid Knowledge’, ‘Kayaking 1-Star Qualified’, Taekwondo lessons, airborne, basic diving, rock climbing and even mountain trekking courses. In addition, there are various opportunities for overseas exchanges and visits to various army bases in USA, New Zealand, Australia, India and Brunei.

Student Council

The Student Council represents the student body in terms of their well being, concerns, needs and interests. The Student Council also assists in the management and organisation of college and student events such as orientation, graduation ceremony and social activities. All of which offer members of the Student Council ample opportunitites to hone leadership, communication and people skills. Note: applicants are required to go through a selection interview.