Leadership_BannerSee yourself as a leader? Or maybe you have the potential but are in need of a little encouragement to unleash it? Look no further as this track provides you with the tools for effective leadership through comprehensive workshops, camps and training programmes. Selected students will also have opportunities to put practice into action by taking up leadership roles in school.

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Bridge Leaders

Be A Bridge Leader
Being a Bridge Leader is an opportunity to really make a difference at College East. ITE College East established the Bridge Leader Club with a unique role to connect the current students and college through interactions. This group of student leaders are responsible for unleashing the potential of groups and individuals alike. The club also provides the Bridge Leaders with an excellent opportunity to gain valuable experience – improving skills such as communication and teamwork.

The list below includes some of the things we’re looking for in potential leaders. Don’t panic if you’re not an expert in something (or in everything)—that’s what the training is for—

· Able to demonstrate leadership skills, initiative, accountability, motivation, and professionalism
· The ability to work as a team member
· Flexibility—the ability to adapt to change with ease and grace
· The ability to work with diverse populations
· Enthusiasm and a positive attitude

CE Student Ambassador

Established in October 2008, the CE Student Ambassadors CCA is recognised as one of the leading leadership CCAs in ITE College East (CE). Our Club actively promotes the College and maximises the potential of every member as an individual, a team player and a leader.

As a brand ambassador of CE, you will represent your College by supporting its marketing activities to give our stakeholders, such as secondary school students, teachers, parents and corporate visitors, a positive impression of CE and ITE as a whole.

You can look forward to the following range of exciting programmes, such as:
• Hosting School Visits and Leading Campus Tours for Secondary School Students;
• Supporting College and ITE-wide events such as ignITE Skills Challenge, ITE Fiestas, Open Houses, Meet-The-Parents Sessions, Teachers’ Day Celebration, etc.;
• Participating in Leadership & CCA Programmes, Camps, and Team Bonding Activities;
• Attending Dialogue Sessions, Forums and Seminars;
• Global Education Programme (GEP);
• Attending Etiquette and Toastmasters Trainings;
• Networking with ITE Stakeholders;
• Volunteering in Community Service & Community Events;

The benefits of being a Student Ambassador?
• Be an official representative and brand ambassador of the College;
• Build a fantastic student network within CE and ITE, and get to meet people from all walks of life;
• Develop your interpersonal, communication and teamwork skills; and
• Gain invaluable experience during your studies that will give your CV extra weight

We are looking for people who are:
• Highly motivated
• Outgoing, dynamic and confident
• Enthusiastic (about the College and your course)


Apex Club from ITE College East is one of the Club-based CCA that students can join. Our main objectives are to promote healthy living through regular fitness training and activities, sense of adventure through our expeditions and trips, improve leadership skills through the organising of activities by student leaders and an increase of love for Singapore through the many discoveries that we unravel along our journey in the Club.

Our members participate in various endurance races, kayaking courses, sports climbing courses, leadership courses, first aid course and overseas expeditions. These are part of their training to be competent outdoor activities leaders.

We also train to represent College East and ITE at college level or national level endurance races. Some of us have achieved national level success!

Student Council

The Student Council represents the student body in terms of their well being, concerns, needs and interests. The Student Council also assists in the management and organisation of college and student events such as orientation, graduation ceremony and social activities. All of which offer members of the Student Council ample opportunitites to hone leadership, communication and people skills. Note: applicants are required to go through a selection interview.