Arts_BannerMusic, dance, drama, sculpture, photography… are simply drawn to all things artistic. This track will help nurture the artist in you through the diverse clubs and activities available. There are workshops to develop you as performers and visual artists, performances and exhibitions to increase your appreciation, and most importantly lots of opportunities to showcase your talent!

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CE Vocal Development Club

CE Vocal Development Club is open to College East’s students who have the passion and interest in singing. Training will be focused on vocal techniques.

CeMTA – Chinese Orchestra

Managed by the ITE Centre of the Music and Arts (CEMTA), the Chinese Orchestra Club aims to promote greater appreciation of music, in particular, Chinese music. The club provides opportunities for every member to learn and upgrade their skills and at the same time, foster close ties and team spirit. Students keen to join the Chinese Orchestra Club are required to attend an audition with the CCA Advisor and orchestra conductor.

CeMTA – Concert Band

If you were a former school band member, continue to grow your passion in music by joining the ITE Concert Band and/or ITE Jazz Band. You will be required to attend an audition.

CeMTA – Drama Club

If you are keen in acting and theatre, the ITE Drama Club is for you!
You will be required to attend an audition.

CeMTA – Jazz Band

If you were a former school band member, continue to grow your passion in music by joining the ITE Concert Band and/or ITE Jazz Band. You will be required to attend an audition.

CeMTA – Modern Dance

Get ready to move your body and explore the multiple aspects of modern dance! Interested students must attend an audition.

Curtain Call

Curtain Call, an independent theatre and performing arts group based in ITE College East aims to develop and nurture young talented students with an interest in drama, the dynamics of theatre production, spoken word (performance of poetry pieces) and stand-up comedy. Incorporating a holistic approach to the theatre and the arts, it supports and provides opportunities for students to be creatively engaged via professional training, performances, local and international collaborations and competitions.

Dance Club

Bask in the limelight and wow crowds with your slick and fancy dance moves!
Join the ITE College East Dance Club to learn more about your body and how you can get it to move and jive with strength, style and confidence. You will gain exposure and skills in various types of dance styles.

Dikir Barat

Dikir Barat is a vibrant choral performance that showcases beautiful ethnic Malay costumes,coordinated hand movements and lyrics with strong social messages. The performance strives on humour and energy.

DJ Club

The objective of the DJ Club is to create a platform for students’ with like-minded interests in DJ-ing, get together to enjoy music and have fun.

ITE A Cappella

That Acappella Group, or T.A.G for short, is often introduced as The pop band without instruments. Singing mainly pop hits unlike the usual traditional a cappella group, T.A.G prides itself for being current and entertaining.
Set up in 2008, the group consists of student performers who love singing in harmony. Coached by vocal instructor Mr. Dylan Foster, T.A.G aims to bring Pop A Cappella to the masses.
T.A.G is quickly gaining recognition in the local A Cappella scene; bagging a 2nd and 4th Placing in the National A Cappella Championships 2011 College Category. A month later, the group garnered a Special Honorary Award on top of 2 Gold Awards during the Singapore International Super Talents & Arts Competition 2011, which saw other competitors from China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore.

ITE Show Choir

Initially formed in 2009, by a group of student performers from the CeMTA Musical “Grease”, the ITE Show Choir has grown to become one of the leading and most sought-after Show Choirs in Singapore.
Coached by vocal instructor Ms. Irene Jansen, the group has an extensive list of repertoire including Jazz Swing numbers, retro hits, popular classics and hip hop songs. The Show Choir regularly performs at ITE corporate events and external shows.
Active in the local entertainment scene, the ITE Show Choir was prominently featured in the Ricola Show Choir Challenge 2010 advertisement screened at all GV cinemas. The group also performed at several Mediacorp shows; Singapore Idol Finals 2009, Suria’s Muzika Ekstravaganza 2011 and Suria’s Simfoni Lebaran 2011.

K Pop Dance Shaping Club

Are you riding the K Pop wave? Dancing along to the cool moves of your favourite k pop idols? If the answer is yes, then you have to join us! The K pop Dance Club will provide you with opportunties to learn the latest dance styles with the guidance of fellow students or engagement of instructors during term break for further guidance, as well as chances to perform and compete.

Magic Club

Want to learn magic?
In this workshop you’ll learn some tricks that uses everyday materials and require no complicated sleight-of-hand. The club also provide clear, step-by-step instructions for you to learn quickly the tricks and able to perform them for your students & friends.
No experience is necessary.

Curriculum includes :
– Street Magic (Coin, Cards, Ball, Rope, Handkerchief)
– Stage Magic (Props)
– Balloon Sculpting (Bonus Workshop)

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Malay Dance Club

Graceful, charming, lithe and talented – these are a few of the many accolades that the dancers from this club have received. Every opportunity is given for members to grow as dancers through learning new forms and styles associated with Malay Dance.
If you are passionate about this dance form, be sure to sign up now!

Photography Club

Photography is for anyone, and can be fun for everyone. The Photography Club assists its members in attaining higher levels of skill and technique, and in developing an understanding and appreciation of the art itself. Our members will undergo basic training courses, cover internal and external events to gain more hands-on knowledge, be encouraged to hone their leadership skills by planning activities, and gain buddies who share the same interest. Our club also organises competitions and exhibitions in the College to showcase members’ work. Through this club, our members have gained valuable insights and experience in exploring and improving their shots and developing their leadership and communication skills.

Sand Animation Club

Sand Animation is a style of ‘live’ performance art where the artist expresses feelings and ideas by creating images through drawing on sand with one’s hands. This type of animation requires pre-planning, and every frame is captured artistically by moving the sand bit by bit to form the scenic picture. Come and join this CCA to learn the unique art form of manipulating sand , and for the opportunity to showcase your talents.

Soul Percussion

Soul Percussion CCA practises fusion-music pieces, ranging from samba, street to multi-ethnic. If you have a passion for percussion, come join the Soul Percussion CCA to make rhythmic beats and music and get the opportunity to perform percussion rhythm!

Visual Arts Club

Want to have lots of fun? Develop your interest in Art? Learn how to draw or create new things? Learn a new skill? Make cool friends with same interests? Show off your creativity and talent? Win prizes and participate in exciting competion? If you answer “Yes” to any of the above, come and join us.

Activities include Graffiti Workshop, Street Art, Manga, Print Making, Digital Art, Cartooning, Drawing and Painting, Pottery, Ceramic, Jewellery Making, Toy Making and lots more fun activities.