Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

ITE College East offers a wide array of CCAs for our students to choose from. From archery, floorball, rockwall climbing, robotics, grooming to performing or fine arts, students will be able to find one that matches their interest.

CCA participation in sports, games, project work and overseas assignments provides opportunities for students to engage in a variety of meaningful and holistic educational experiences and enrich the quality of students’ life in the College. Students will be able to:

Learn a new skill and use it to keep fit and healthy

  • Develop creativity and maximise leadership potential to the fullest
  • Increase social network by interacting with students from the various disciplines
  • Improve social, emotional and physical aspects of life
  • Obtain CCA points that can be used to improve GPA for entry into tertiary education

With effect from January 2013, a revised CCA Marking Scheme, known as PRAISE, will reward you for your involvement in a variety of activities under the 8 Student Development tracks (Arts, Community Service, Environmental, Global Citizenship, Innovation & Enterprise,  Leadership, Personal Development, Sports, including enrichment programmes, CCAs, community service, competitions and more.

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Please click here to see the list of CCAs available at College East, the contact numbers of the respective Staff in Charge and CCA Schedule.

Participation in 8 Student Development Tracks

Why do students need to participate in Student Development Programmes?

Here are the benefits of taking part in the Student Development Programmes:

  • Learn a new skill or develop a new talent;
  • Develop creativity and maximise your leadership potential to the fullest;
  • Improve the social, emotional and physical aspects of your life;
  • Develop a greater awareness of your community and the world around you;
  • Increase your social network by interacting with students from the various disciplines;
  • Accumulate participation marks that can be used to improve GPA scores for entry into tertiary education;
  • Obtain certificates of attendance or achievement that can be used to enhance your employability.

How many student development tracks must a student get involved in during their course of training in ITE College East?

Each student must register and actively participate in at least one CCA, under one of the eight tracks, during their course of training. We also strongly encourage students to make full use of the developmental opportunities by participating in the variety of enrichment programmes offered through any of the other 8 tracks. Enrichment programmes will also score you participation marks that can be accumulated for translation into GPA Advantage Points.

When and how can students apply for the development programmes?

CCAs: Students may apply for CCAs during the orientation week (in January and April). CCA booths will be set up to help students gain a better understanding of the demands and commitment.  Alternatively you can also sign-up online through the ITE Student Portal (iStudent).

Enrichment Programmes: Students can apply for the programme of their choice online through the ITE Student Portal (iStudent) or by visiting the Student Development Centre where a team of officers will be at hand to guide and advise you on the various programmes available.

If students miss the application period during the orientation week, where and how can they apply?

You can enrol in any of the programmes even if you miss the application period during the orientation week, via the ITE Student Portal, as long as there are vacancies.

How are new programmes announced from time to time?

Announcements on new programmes and activities are posted regularly on the ITE College East website, broadcast over the in-campus TVs and displayed on the notice boards that are located around the campus.

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