Orientation Programme

Orientation Programme For Apr 2018 Intake Students

1) Please report to the following venues (refer map for location) at ITE College East on Mon 02 Apr 2018 at 9am sharp:

Course Reporting Venue
School of Applied and Health Sciences
Higher Nitec in Biotechnology
Higher Nitec in Chemical Technology
Indoor Sports Hall
Business Block, Level 3
Higher Nitec in Paramedic & Emergency Care Paramedic Simulation Lab
T06-23 (Report at 8am)
School of Business & Services
Higher Nitec in Accounting
Higher Nitec in Beauty & Spa Management
Higher Nitec in Event Management
Higher Nitec in Human Resource & Administration
Higher Nitec in International Logistics
Higher Nitec in Passenger Services
Higher Nitec in Sport Management
Administration Block, Level 3
School of Electronics and Info-Comm Technology
Higher Nitec in Business Information Systems
Higher Nitec in Cyber & Network Security
Higher Nitec in Electronics Engineering
Higher Nitec in IT Applications Development
Higher Nitec in IT Systems & Networks
Indoor Sports Hall
Business Block, Level 3
School of Engineering
Higher Nitec in Electrical Engineering
Higher Nitec in Facility Management
Higher Nitec in Landscape Management & Design
Higher Nitec in Mechanical Engineering
Function Hall
Administration Block, Level 3

Please refer to Map for location:

2) Please report to the College in your uniform1 (please note additional requirements2 for specific courses) with dark-coloured shoes3 (black, blue, grey or brown). In the event that you have not bought your uniform, you are required to wear your PE attire with covered toe shoes. Do take note of your personal appearance when reporting to the College

2.1 Students must be neatly and appropriately dressed in the College uniforms.  No caps, jeans, sandals or slippers to be worn in the College;

2.2 Male students must not sport long hair (long hair refers to hair touching the eye-brows or covering the ears or touching the collars). They should be clean-shaven;


2.3 Female students with long hair must keep their hair neat;

2.4 Both Male and Female students are not allowed to sport coloured hair;

2.5 Male students must not wear earrings or ear-studs in the College. Female students are allowed to wear one pair of simple ear-studs or earrings in the College.

3) You will participate in various Orientation activities organised by the College on the day you report at the College.  Please bring along another set of PE attire (in case you need to change).

Orientation Programme Schedule

You will participate in various Orientation activities organised by the College on the day you report at the College.

Please see the Orientation Programme for your School using the links below:
– School of Applied & Health Sciences
School of Business & Services
School of Electronics & Info-Comm Technology
School of Engineering

The schedules are subjected to changes.

1  Students from the Paramedic & Emergency Care and Beauty & Spa Management courses are required to wear specialized uniforms. Paramedic & Emergency Care students are required to wear black boots.

2  All female students from the Biotechnology and Chemical Technology courses are required to wear pants and labcoats as part of their uniform.

3  Engineering students are required to wear workshop uniforms during their workshop training and they have the option to purchase common classroom uniform.

4  It is a requirement for students from Mechanical and Electrical courses to wear safety boots during their training for safety reason.