Examination Activities

ITE’s full-time courses are conducted on a Semester-Based Credit System of Training (SCT). This system of training offers flexibility, choice and diversity in learning. In SCT, a course of study is structured into a series of modules and credits are assigned to each module. Assessment of modules is on a term basis, and once students have passed the module assessment, the achievement is credited to them. When students have accumulated the required number of credits in modules relevant to the course of study within the defined period, they are deemed to have met the requirements of the course for graduation and will be awarded the full certificate.

Types of Modules
A module is a self-contained unit of study, covering selected topics of a subject area. The modules are classified into the following categories:

  • Core Modules
  • Life Skills Modules
  • Specialisation Modules
  • Elective Modules

Exam Timetable

Students may view or print their exam timetable from the ITE Student Portal. Please click on the following links to view the latest exam timetables:

The date of release of examination results is posted on ITE Website. Students can view their examination results on the date of the release:

  • By logging on ITE Student Portal; or
  • From SMS (if subscription made for the SMS service)

Examination Matters

Please refer to ITE Website for more details on the following examination matters (Full-Time Students » Academic Matters).

  • Assessment & Certification
  • Academic Awards
  • Examination Regulations
  • Release of Examination Results
  • Appeal Regulations
  • Grade Point Average (GPA) & Calculations
  • Examination Services (Application for Certified Statement, Reprint of Academic Transcript etc)
  • Online Verification of ITE Certificate