Racial Harmony Day Celebrations 2017

By Angeline Jane Lim, Lecturer / LifeSkills, School of Business and Services

Regardless of race…

This year’s Racial Harmony Day Celebrations was held over a three-day period of festivities from 18 -20 July 2017.  The ITE College East’s LifeSkills Department, in collaboration with Enterprise Development, brought to staff and students a bazaar ran by students from the Entrepreneurship Club.  The bazaar consisted of booths selling locally designed t-shirts, local snacks and game booths.  There were lunchtime performances by roving bands and a dance ensemble.

In conjunction with Singapore Discovery Centre, we featured travelling exhibitions on Racial and Religious Tensions.  The exhibits highlighted the importance of racial and religious harmony, comparing Singapore’s racial riots with similar racial tensions around the world and allows students to explore the consequences if we do not strive to maintain racial harmony.

All this culminated in celebrations on 20 July 2017 with henna painting and ketupat making activity booths.  At the Amphitheatre, our Principal Dr Yek presented prizes to the top three winning entries from students who participated in a Racial Harmony Photo Journaling Competition.  Audience members were wowed by the Singapore Multi Ethnic Dance Ensemble where students learned about Singapore’s multi-ethnic traditions and customs presented through dance.  There was also a sharing from students who gamely donned colourful ethnic garb in a Cross Cultural Learning presentation.

May Racial Harmony Celebrations continue to remind our students that the people, places and memories we enjoy now, did not come easily and to not take our social and racial fabric for granted.