Total Defence Day 2017

By Mr Benjamin Yap, Lecturer, Lifeskills Department, School of Business & Services

On 15 February 2017, ITE College East commemorated Total Defence Day with a host of activities aimed at making the annual event meaningful for the students. The commemoration started with the official opening of ITE College East National Education Gallery by Dr Yek Tiew Ming, Principal of ITE College East and Mr Zainudin Nordin, Deputy Principal (Development) of ITE College East. The gallery was set up by staff from the Lifeskills department and is based on 4 themes, namely, Cultural Heritage, Communication and National Bonding, Eco-Sustainability and Total Defence. Visitors to the gallery were wowed and mesmerised by the wide array of exhibits on permanent display.

Dr Yek Tiew Ming, Principal of ITE College East officially opened the National Education Gallery@CE

At the Atrium of the college, there were two photowalls set up to commemorate two significant milestones in our country’s history, the 50th Anniversary of the institutionalisation of National Service for Singapore citizens in 1967, and the more poignant 75th Anniversary of Singapore’s Surrender to the Japanese Imperial Forces in 1942. There were also on-site activities for students to participate in to reinforce the messages from these two events.

Most of the activities for Total Defence Day were held at the Amphitheatre. There was a military tele-match that involved students from the 4 schools. After a close contest, students from the School of Business & Services clinched the top prize. In the Total Defence Rap and Jingle Contest, student contestants rapped and sang to win attractive prizes.  The rap and song performances centred around the Total Defence theme, that everyone should play their part in the defence of Singapore,

Students from the 4 Schools participating in the Total Defence Day tele-match

Students at the Psychological Defence booth, trying their best to recite the loyalty pledge in the 4 official languages

The finale of the event was an enactment of a terror attack in the college to drive home the message that everyone should take Total Defence seriously as real threats exist even in peace time.

Staff and students had a fruitful session and felt that this was a meaningful way to commemorate Total Defence Day 2017.

An enactment of a terror attack on campus.