Graduate Preparation Seminar

By Mr Ezra Er, Education & Career Guidance (ECG) Counsellor, College Services Division

The 2nd Graduate Preparation Seminar was successfully held on 15 Feb 2017 over 2 half-day sessions to prepare graduating students for the next phase of their life after their graduation. 33 classes of graduating Higher Nitec students from the four Schools attended the seminar.

The programme for the Graduate Preparation Seminar was as follows:
1. Highlights of the Coming Graduation Ceremony in May 2017
2. Education and Career Guidance Sharing of Education Progression and Employment Progression Pathways
3. Understanding Resilience by Health Promotion Board
4. Sharing by ITE Alumni Association & Membership Drive

Supporting the Graduate Preparation Seminar were Army, Home Team, all five local Polytechnics and the Committee for Private Education (SkillsFuture). Representatives from the various organisations addressed students’ queries on career selection and furthering of education after graduation.

Our Graduate Preparation Seminar 2017 achieved a score of 90% and above in overall satisfaction from our students who felt that this Seminar had provided them with useful information in navigating their pathways for the next phase of life.