Corporate Visits 2017

ITE College East hosted the following visits for international and local visitors and industry partners in 2017.


17 Jan 2017

Visit by Officials from Vocational Training Corporation, Jordan

20 Feb 2017

Visit by TVET Leaders from Sri Lanka

20 Feb 2017

Visit by Teachers under the Management & Leadership of Schools Course at the National Institute of Education

23 Feb 2017

Visit by Ms Sharon Bell from Warwickshire College Group, United Kingdom

09 Mar 2017

Visit by Ms Helen Zille, Premier of the Western Cape Province of the Republic of South Africa

15 Mar 2017

Visit by Delegates from the Government of Madhya Pradesh, India

11 Apr 2017

Visit by Principals of TVET, Chengdu

11 Apr 2017

Visit by Hong Kong Vocational Training Council (HKVTC) Youth College

12 Apr 2017

Visit by China-Singapore (Chongqing) Demonstration Initiative on Strategic Connectivity Administrative Bureau

18 Apr 2017

Visit by President of Chodang University, Korea 

18 Apr 2017

Visit by TVET Educators from Dalian, Liaoning Province, China

28 Apr 2017

Visit by Director General, Abu Dhabi Institute of Vocational Education and Training, United Arab Emirates

15 May 2017

Visit by Undergraduate Teaching Scholars and Award Holders from MOE’s Scholars’ Talent Management Unit

15 May 2017

Visit by Korea National University of Education (1st batch)

17 May 2017

Visit by Korea National University of Education (2nd batch)

25 May 2017

Visit by Health Deans of Kirkwood Community College, USA & Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Polytechnic, Canada (GEN Partners)


4 Jul 2017

Visit by Delegation from Beijing Polytechnic, China

10 Jul 2017

Visit by Delegation from Dalian, China

13 Jul 2017

Visit by Malvern College, Egypt

21 Jul 2017

Visit by Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education (HCMUTE), Vietnam


26 Jul 2017

Visit by Army Logistics Training Institute

28 Jul 2017

Visit by His Excellency
Mr Andrew Michael Holness,
Prime Minister of Jamaica

11 Aug 2017

Visit by St. Andrew’s Community Hospital 

15 Aug 2017

Visit by Tote Board


 15 Aug 2017

Visit by Delegates from Shaoxing Nurse School

18 Aug 2017

Visit by His Excellency Mohamed Ahmed Fathi Abulkheir, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt

21 Aug 2017

Study Visit by Lamphun College of Agriculture and Technology, Thailand

23 Aug 2017

Visit by Delegates from Shanghai Technician School, China


24 Aug 2017

Visit by Participants of Temasek Foundation International’s 10th Anniversary Asia Skills Leaders Forum 2017

24 Aug 2017

Visit By Her Excellency Sahar Nasr, Minister for Investment and International Cooperation, Arab Republic of Egypt

6 Sep 2017

Visit by People’s Association (PA)

19 Sep 2017

Visit by Dr Mazen Shamiyah, Assistant Minister for Asia, Africa and Australia Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Palestinian National Authority


2 Oct 2017

Visit by CARAGA Higher Education Institutions Association of Presidents and Heads, The Philippines 

2 Oct 2017

Visit by TVET Leaders from China

19 Oct 2017

Visit by Industry Training Federation, New Zealand

16 Nov 2017

Visit by Participants of the 9th Singapore-Malaysia-Brunei Trilateral Exchange Programme (Trilat)

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22 Nov 2017

Visit by ITE Board of Governors

23 Nov 2017

Visit by Staff and Students from Finnish Hula Network Program, Finland

1 Dec 2017

Visit by Governor of National Capital District (NCD), Papua New Guinea 

4 Dec 2017

Visit by Delegates from Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA), Vietnam

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6 Dec 2017

Visit by Nanjing College of Information Technology (NJCIT)

15 Dec 2017

Visit by Principal Secretary, Government of Madhya Pradesh, India