Corporate Visits 2012

ITE College East hosted the following visits for international and local visitors and industry partners in 2012.


5 Jan 2012
Visit by Principal of CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School

17 Jan 2012
Visit by Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) Polytechnic and Partners

17 Jan 2012
Visit by Principal Secretary of Department of Training and Technical Education, Delhi, India

30 Jan 2012
Visit by TVET Trainers from the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training (MLVT), Cambodia

31 Jan 2012
Visit by Dr Mya Aye, Minister for Education, Myanmar

10 Feb 2012
Visit by Tianjin Delegates
10 Feb 2012
Visit by Mrs Sharon Wolfe, Wife of the Jamaican Permanent Representative to the UN in New York
13 Feb 2012
Visit by Dr Mohamad Maliki Osman, Mayor of SECDC
14 Feb 2012
Visit by American Federation of Teachers, USA
29 Feb 2012
Visit by Mr Hartmut Mattes and Ms Elisabeth Moser, German MOU Partners
mof_afghanistan6 Mar 2012
Visit by Delegation from the Ministry of Finance, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
indian_economic_service_officers6 Mar 2012
Visit by Indian Economic Service Officers
hkvtc20128 Mar 2012
Visit by 10 Outstanding Apprentices from HKVTC
moe_baden_wurttemberg16 Mar 2012
Visit by Partners from Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Baden-Württemberg
delegates_hebei23 Mar 2012
Visit by Delegates from Hebei, China
KirkCommunityCollege2 Apr 2012
Visit by Delegates from Kirkwood Community College
Bruneian_Minister2 Apr 2012
Visit by His Excellency Pehin Abu Bakar Apong, Minister of Education, Negara Brunei Darussalam
event_thumbnail3 Apr 2012
Visit by Holmesglen Institute of Tafe, Australia
SAIT_canada4 Apr 2012
Visit by Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) Polytechnic, Canada
GermanMinister4 Apr 2012
Visit by Ms Gabriele Warminski Leitheußer, Minister for Education, Youth and Sports, Baden-WÜrttemberg, Germany
hwachong_institution5 Apr 2012
Visit by Management of Hwa Chong Institution
Dr_Rainer_Moser9 Apr 2012
Visit by Dr Rainer Moser, Spouse Of ITE’s German Partner, Mrs Elisabeth Moser, Director, State Academy for In-Service Training & HR Development for Vocational Colleges and Schools, Esslingentitution
chengdu_leaders12 Apr 2012
Visit by Chengdu School Leaders
mongolian_mp16 Apr 2012
Visit by Mongolian Members of Parliament
ITEES_training16 Apr 2012
Visit by Trainees from Train the Trainer Programme in Nursing Pedagogy
OUHK17 Apr 2012
Visit by Open University of Hong Kong
IRPC_Thailand18 Apr 2012
Visit by Delegates from IRPC Technological College, Thailand
moscow_delegates27 Apr 2012
Visit by Moscow Delegates, Russia
Colombian_President7 May 2012
Visit by His Excellency Juan Manuel Santos, President of the Republic of Colombia
Kazakhstan15 May 2012
Visit by Delegation from Kazakhstan
shanghai_uni_electric_power18 May 2012
Visit by Delegation from Shanghai University of Electric Power
colombian_sena21 May 2012
Visit by SENA (National Training Service) of the Republic of Colombia
singapore_sports_council1 Jun 2012
Visit by Singapore Sports Council
tvet_indonesia6 Jun 2012
Visit by TVET Leaders from Indonesia
hong_kong_youth_college11 Jun 2012
Visit by Youth College, Hong Kong
people_association14 Jun 2012
Visit by People’s Association
Mr_Masaaki14 Jun 2012
Visit by Mr Masaaki Nishikawa, Deputy Director, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Government of Japan
MFA_TVET19 Jun 2012
Visit by Delegates from MFA TVET Programme for Principals and Instructors
tanjong_katong_girls_school2 Jul 2012
Visit by Tanjong Katong Girls’ School Administration Staff
middle_east_journalists3 Jul 2012
Visit by Middle-East Journalists (MEJVP)
tony_miller3 Jul 2012
Visit by Mr Tony Miller, Deputy Secretary of Education, United States of America
moe_malaysia10 Jul 2012
Visit by Ministry of Education, Malaysia
kurdistan_regional_government20 Jul 2012
Visit by the Kurdistan Regional Government, Republic of Iraq
gov_of_kerala20 Jul 2012
Visit by the Government of Kerala, India
vanke_development_company20 Jul 2012
Visit by Officials from Vanke Development Company
iCreate24 Jul 2012
Visit by Delegates Attending the i-CREATe Event
princess_maha_chakri_sirindhorn25 Jul 2012
Visit by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, Kingdom of Thailand
HKVTC27 Jul 2012
Visit by Delegates from Vocational Training Council, Hong Kong
senior_management_programme1 Aug 2012
Visit by Participants of the 19th Senior Management Programme
event_thumbnail1 Aug 2012
Visit by Myanmar Delegation
tvet_shanxi2 Aug 2012
Visit by TVET Programme Participants from Shanxi, China
ccp_taizhou7 Aug 2012
Visit by Delegates from CCP Taizhou Municipal Party Committee
mdc_3rd7 Aug 2012
Visit by 3rd Management Development Course (MDC)
singhealth14 Aug 2012
Visit by Senior Management from SingHealth Group
wuxi_educator15 Aug 2012
Visit by Educators from Wuxi, China
event_thumbnail29 Aug 2012
Visit by TVET Leaders from Lao PDR
ministry_higher_education_malaysia4 Sep 2012
Visit by Department of Community College Education, Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia
saudi_singapore_business_council17 Sep 2012
Visit by Delegates from Saudi Singapore Business Council, Saudi Arabia
Central_Bank_of_Azerbaijan20 Sep 2012
Visit by Central Bank of Azerbaijan
Dr_Ashish_Bhutani01 Oct 2012
Visit by Dr Ashish Bhutani, Commissioner & Secretary, Department of Finance and the Guwahati Development Department, Assam, India
xiamen_educators4 Oct 2012
Visit by Educators from Xiamen, China
Singapore_Human_Resources_Institute12 Oct 2012
Visit by Indian Officials & Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI)
SharonGriffiths_BoxHillInstitute16 Oct 2012
Visit by Ms Sharon Griffiths, Executive Manager, Academic Special Projects, Box Hill Institute of TAFE, Australia
Learning_Journey18 Oct 2012
Learning Journey for Sec-Level MOE Allied Educators (Teaching & Learning)
supreme_court23 Oct 2012
Visit by Supreme Court’s Innovation Committee
event_thumbnail24 Oct 2012
Visit by Delegation from Negara Brunei Darussalam
guangdong_delegation25 Oct 2012
Visit by Guangdong Delegation
Shenyang_Municipal_Education_Bureau,jpg31 Oct 2012
Visit by Shenyang Municipal Education Bureau, China
event_thumbnail31 Oct 2012
Visit by Secretary General, Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Association
shanxi_delegation1 Nov 2012
Visit by Shanxi Delegation
event_thumbnail5 Nov 2012
Visit by Delegates from National Qualifications Authority – United Arab Emirates
International_TVET_conference_20128 & 9 Nov 2012
Visit by Delegates from Executive Immersion Programme, Singapore International TVET Conference 2012
12 Nov 2012
Visit by NUS Office of Quality Management, Office of Student Affairs & NUS Extension
event_thumbnail21 Nov 2012
Visit by Mr Fred Heese, Canada
Zhuzhou_Municipal_Education_Bureau21 Nov 2012
Visit by Zhuzhou Municipal Education Bureau, China
union_minister_myanmar4 Dec 2012
Visit by U Soe Thane, Union Minister in the President’s Office, Myanmar
senoko_energy05 Dec 2012
Visit by Senoko Energy Pte Ltd
Visit by Participants of MFA-CPSC TVET Programme
HRSS_China12 Dec 2012
Visit by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (Mohrss), China
Delaware_Columbia13 Dec 2012
Visit by Delegate from Delaware Institute of Technology, Columbia