Muhammad Farid Bin Muhd Haslam


‘Success comes to those who never give up’, a quote that remains deeply entrenched in his heart that makes him what he is today.

Muhammad Farid Bin Muhd Haslam, took his first step off the crossroad into College East, Nitec in Information Technology, in 2007 despite the mixed reactions from those around him. His strong determination and never-say-die attitude has garnered him various achievements. In 2008, Farid received an ITE Student Commendation Award and Rotary – ITE Excellence Award.

Instead of progressing to a Higher Nitec level like most other Nitec students, with a GPA of 3.82, Faird took a leap into Nanyang Polytechnic for a Diploma in Engineering Informatics. The consistent achiever maintains his high GPA in Poly and was awarded a Diploma with Merit. Farid will be pursuing a Degree in Information Engineering & Media at Nanyang Technological University.

Throughout his 2-year stint in ITE, Farid was given endless opportunities to be molded into a well-rounded person. The pioneer President of the Student Ambassador Club took his first flight overseas to Hong kong for an ITE-VTC Student Seminar 2007, following another flight to Vientiane, Laos, for a Youth Expedition Programme. The skills he had attained in his course of study was put to a test when his team had to build a solar generated panel for the village. The authentic learning experience had also triggered more of his involvement in Community Service. Farid led two workshops teaching HTML coding to a group of 20 students from Metta School. He also conducted a photography workshop for senior citizens from the community club to enhance their learning skills and to attain a new skill.

Today, Farid has volunteered his service with mercy Relief and HCA Hospice Care. Remarkably noting was his involvement in Mendaki’s Academic & Lifeskills Coaching Programme (ACLP). Farid desires to coach and help our ITE students strive better in life and be another success story like him. On a personal level, Farid has even raised $1000 to help a bedridden friend and raised awareness of his Wake the Bull initiative in Facebook.

Growing up in a single parent family without a home of his own formerly, Farid accredited his mother as the lady behind his success today. She, being his pillar of support, has taught him to be kind and help those in need; a similar philosophy shared by Mother Teresa, another source of Farid’s inspiration.