Lee Hsien Loong Award for Outstanding All-Round Achievement 2017

By Ms Joyceline Lau, Head, College Planning & Review, College Services Division

Ms Kwok Jia Wan from Nitec in Hair Services (Hair & Scalp Therapy) was awarded the Lee Hsien Loong Award for Outstanding All-Round Achievement 2017 on 17 August.  She received the award from Minister for Education (Higher Education and Skills).

In her two years at ITE, Jia Wan displayed a keen sense of innovative spirit in overcoming challenges to meet the varied needs of a wide range of people whom she served.

For her excellent academic achievement, Jia Wan was in the Director’s List for every term.  Her consistency in academic and non-academic performances earned her the Top Graduate of Cohort award for the graduating class of Dec 16 in College East and the LKY Gold Medal from ITE when she graduated in 2017.

Jia Wan actively sought for opportunities to gain exposure beyond the classroom in order to equip herself with competencies which will give her a head-start in her career.  While maintaining her consistency in her academic results, she learned to manage her time between work and CCA.

Being a self-driven individual who knew what she wanted, Jia Wan had worked hard and earned a place amongst the best in her cohort to represent Singapore in the JENESYS programme to Japan in 2015, and subsequently, to also represent ITE in a student exchange programme to the USA in 2016.

Having a desire to contribute to the community with the skills she has learned, Jia Wan took up the challenge to assume the role of President for the Hair Services Community Service Club.  Through this involvement, Jia Wan had been active in leading her peers to serve the local community by providing hair services to elderly folks.

To take her volunteerism spirit a step further, Jia Wan led the department’s first Overseas Community Service expedition to Cambodia where they provided haircut services and conducted hygiene lessons for the local children.

In displaying her versatility, Jia Wan took on a different challenge to lead her fellow students in developing an Intergeneration Learning Programme for the Council for 3rd Age (C3A).  Her team came up with innovative and fun approaches to help a group of senior citizens learn about hair and scalp care.  Through the effort of the team and under the leadership of Jia Wan, the seniors had a fruitful and enjoyable experience.

Apart from her excellent performance in college, her hard work and willingness to learn convinced her Industry Attachment company to offer her a scholarship and a full-time position even before her graduation.  She is currently working full-time as a Junior Hairstylist at her Industry Attachment company, Toni & Guy Singapore.