28 Jan 2015: Compliments for Nursing students, Nabilah Mansor, Jayde Teo Kai Hu, Dharshini D/o Parmasivam from Ms Loke

Dear Mr Bruce (Director & CEO of ITE),

I would like to draw to your attention with regards to your 3 students whom I came across during my mum’s admission at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital in 2014.

  • Ms Nabilah Mansor (Class: JN1401D)
    – She may look serious, soft spoken but she is very mature & attentive. She takes her work seriously & caters to the patients’ needs. I observed she takes the initiative to take down notes and without asking she knows what the patients or family member will need.
    – She handles the patients with care.
    – She helps to sponge my mum for about 5 days from 12pm till I arrived after work 2pm/3pm. And after she attended other patients she will come by to see if I need any help or any more ice/towels.
    – She knows her work well.
  • Ms Jayde Teo Kai Hu (Class: JN1401A)
    – She is looks a bit blur but she always brightens up the mood or lighten the mood in the ward.
    – She will come to talk to the patients encourage them to eat and not to be mischievous to plug out the tubes.
    – When changing diapers she will talk to the patients to distract them so they will not think of the pain.
    – She handles the patients with care.
    – She too assists me with sponging my mum.
  • Ms Dharshini d/o Parmasivam (Class: JN1401N)
    – She is very quiet and a little timid but she has the willingness to learn and I like her smile.
    – I am impressed with her. She actually helped akan Marie (Ah Mah) to cut my mum’s hair. She was instructed by akan Marie to take shaver 3 to 4 times. She went without any complaints and assists with the shaving.
    – Looking at my own mum’s wound, I was a little shaken. I must compliment her braveness to assist.
    – She is able to take instructions and work well with the team.
    – She too assists me with sponging my mum.

I believe this could be their 1st time handling / experiencing 3 patients in the ward who had undergone brain surgeries & 1 patient with shin fractured & the other hip with fractured with serious dementia. The patients are all elderly, aged 50 – 68.

They maybe young and inexperienced but they are very responsible, attentive, able to take instructions from the nurses/Ah Mahs, Team player, not afraid to approach the patients & willingness to learn. Also, able to handle and understand the family members emotions, stresses & needs.

I would like to give my recommendations to the Lecturers who have given their time imparting their knowledge, guidance, training, patience, care & passion in their teachings. Without the lecturer’s guidance I would have not come across these 3 wonderful students.

Thank you for your time and I hope to see more students who have the same passion like Ms Nabilah, Ms Jayde & Ms Dharshini being trained and keep up the good job.

Yours sincerely,
Ms Loke