Compliments for Nursing student, Qian Ling

I would like to show my deepest appreciation to Qian Ling from year 2 nursing. My wife and I was alighting the bus when my wife lost her gait on 2/2/2017. Qian Ling quickly came forward to help and asked my wife if she is okay. She noticed that my wife’s face was drooping and her speech was slurred. She advised us to go to the hospital as this are signs of stroke, i didn’t believe her at first as this had happened to my wife a few times before and nothing happened to her however she continued to instruct me to call the ambulance and asked my wife to sit down while she supported her at the back. Upon arrival of the ambulance my wife regained her strength however we were recommended to go for a check so we did. The Dr said that if we came if later she is likely to have Stroke which has irreversible damages to the brain. I would like to compliment her for applying the knowledge learned in real life and saving a life.
Mr Cheng