Compliments for Hong Sheng, Sabrina & Shawn

Dear Principals,
I am writing in as a member of the public, to compliment three of your students whom I wish I could have been clearer of which schools they are from other than them being in the ITE. I hope these teenagers receive public recognition for their exemplary conduct and for doing the school so proud.
Last Monday, on the 23rd of January, I was helping my old aged father to send some gifts to his clients in the afternoon rush hours, in the midst of the festive season. Being overly ambitious and worried that I may not make it to send all his gifts on time, I undertook too many baskets and boxes of gifts and realised only in the middle of my journey that my trolley was unable to cope with the load, and so were my hands. After struggling many minutes just to move by the inch on rocky paths, my loads gave way near the middle of the road. Initially, as I begun to struggle, I had looked around for help but saw no one. There were a few men in their motorcycles nearby but they had rejected to help. Further down, I saw another lady looking at my direction but she did not come forward. Giving up hope to seek help, i struggled along and when the loads gave way as mentioned earlier, your students were the only people who rushed forward to assist me.
As a petite middle-aged lady, it was a very helpless moment, before your students came forward. Their initiatives were really heartwarming. To have the three of them, especially the boy by the name JQ, to offer a lot of console in the process, was particularly moving. It was quite a long walk ahead but JQ, Sabrina, and Shawn delightfully helped out and were doing so without any expectation of any return. During the walk, we had a chat and I found your students so mature and sensible. Apart from that, the trolley was also heavy but Shawn very kindly carried it for me although I have repeatedly mentioned that I can carry it myself. When I told Sabrina I could handle the rest of the sending myself, she was insistent, together with the rest to see me through until the last gift was sent. Although I am not their employer, I am deeply impressed with their kindheartedness and diligence. They were so responsible, caring and warm. The whole process probably took up about an hour. In today’s context where teenagers are seen as “microwave” generations with minimal patience and empathy (in some groups), I see great potentials in these children and honestly very impressed with their outstanding and remarkable gestures.
During Chinese New Year, I shared this incident with all my visitors and families, we are all deeply impressed and hope sincerely that these young promising individuals will receive some recognition for their good work at their own initiatives, because they are very well deserving of it.
Before we parted, I already had intention of informing the school to honour them. Hence, I took a photo with them and hope that this will help in the identification of these students.
Thank you for bringing up such honourable young pillars of the nation.
Keep up the good work!
Ms Sim
Well done Sabrina Kaur D/O Haridas, Quek Hong Sheng from ITE College East & Shawn from ITE College Central!