Compliments for Chemical Technology student, Alvin Lau Wen Hong

On 13 Feb 2017, at 9.25pm, location: Blk 537 Woodlands Dr 16, I saw your student by the name of Alvin sitting down beside an old man who was lying down. I saw this man in that position 1 hour ago and thinking that he was drunk, I proceeded to do what I was there for.

Many people passed by within that hour, but none stopped and gave a hoot including myself. However, Alvin rendered his help. I asked him whether he or the man needed any help and he informed me that the ambulance was on the way. Alvin was in his PE t-shirt and I asked him for his name and the course which he is in. He is in the Chemical Technology course.

This boy helped another person and when everybody else ignored that man, he stopped, asked for help and stayed to accompany that Indian elderly. Such a fine young man he is and he deserves more than a thanks. Knowing that there is someone like him out there, I know that humanity has been restored. He is an asset to the school.

From: Mdm Siti Jamilah

via Online Feedback Form on 13 Feb 2017