Vertical Transportation Laboratory


About the Facility
The Vertical Transportation Laboratory (VTL) is set up in June 2012 and officially opened in July 2013 at ITE College East. It is designed to provide students with an authentic learning environment with the integration of industry-centric curriculum framework to support the specialisation – Nitec in Facility Technology (Vertical Transportation).

Facility Concept
The Vertical Transportation Laboratory is designed to provide students a holistic training on lift and escalator systems. A 6-landing lift simulator allows students to have a complete understanding of how a lift system works before the hands-on learning on the actual lift and escalator system located outdoor zone.
The laboratory is equipped to allow students to learn to maintain and replace lift and escalator components; perform routine and periodic maintenance works; diagnose and troubleshoot defects and faults in lift and escalator installations; perform lift rescue operation; perform installation of guide rails; and execute testing and commissioning of lift and escalator systems.

Teaching Process
The desired skills and learning are achieved in two different zones of training in the laboratory:

Indoor Zone


Lift Simulators: Students learn key components of a lift system, their working principles and how they work as a system. Routine maintenance, installation tests, faults-simulation and fire homing procedures can be simulated for learning before students practise on a real lift.


Door Simulators: Integrated and synchronised in operation with the Lift Simulator, students learn to adjust linkages, align door panels, maintain and replace eccentric rollers and door shoes, as well as troubleshoot and rectification of electrical faults.


Safety Gear Assembly and Speed Governor: Students are taught the standard industry protocol in setting and checking the functionality of the safety gear and governor.

Classroom Management System: An interactive system integrated with CCTV cameras with pan-tilt-zoom capabilities to record lessons, live images and videos for reflective learning as well as peer-to-peer learning.

Outdoor Zone


Full-Scale Glazed Lift: The dual-landing full-scale motor-roomless lift provides hands-on learning in preventive maintenance, faults rectification, load test and inspection on lift car.

Escalator and Travelator System: Students are taught how to set various modes of operation for escalator; isolate of electricity to the system; and access landing plates for maintenance works including replacement of steps and troubleshoot electrical faults.

Guide Rail Assembly: Working in teams, students learn to install guide rail system for the lift car and counterweights.