System Integration & Control Laboratory


SOE_Facility_system_integration_control_lab_2About the Facility
The new laboratory is the outcome of the recent curriculum review to teach students about Instrumentation and Controls, and System Integration for the automation industry.

SOE_Facility_system_integration_control_lab_3The laboratory is equipped with the following automated systems to develop our students in the PLC programming and analytical skill in process calibration and diagnosis:
• Modular Production systems
• Process calibrator and diagnostics workstation
• Programmable logic controller systems
• Automation process control systems




The desired skill sets are achieved in following areas:
SOE_Facility_system_integration_control_lab_5Instrumentation and controls: To perform testing, calibration, fault diagnosis and maintenance of instrumentation and control equipment, and to perform sizing and selection of components for fluid systems.

System Integration: To program PLC system, interface engineering components and sub-systems, design part feeding system and install electrical drive systems.