Pest Control and Management Laboratory


About the Facility
The Pest Control and Management Laboratory (PCML) is set up in Dec 2010 at ITE College East. It is designed to provide students with an authentic learning environment with the integration of industry-centric curriculum framework to support the elective options in Nitec in Facility Technology course.

The Pest Control and Management Laboratory provide students a holistic training on vector control and management skills. A partially-dissected mobile car is installed in the laboratory to facilitate technician training in handling stores, chemicals and equipment in the pest control field work. The laboratory microscopes have projection capabilities and are able to display images of eggs and larva of pest or vectors onto large screen for learning.


Students learn to carry out pest inspection work and would be qualified to be licensed as technicians under the Control of Vectors and Pesticides Act 1998.

Students are organized into groups of 20 with each group supervised by a lecturer for practices. Lessons usually begin with demonstration of skills by the lecturer, followed by hands-on practice by the students. Compliance with chemical safety procedures and protocols are emphasised at all times during training.

Besides, they learn to supervise, co-ordinate and audit the pest control operations; inspect premises and outside areas to detect signs of pest infestation; identify types of pests and determine type of treatment required; prepare and apply chemical mixture on infested areas using application equipment to kill vectors and other pests; place and set traps to capture and remove pests, such as rodents; monitor the pests activities level; advise clients on how to prevent pests infestation; restore the work site to pest-free; and complete work reports that may be required by the clients.


Classroom: Students learn the key importance of Workplace Safety and Health Act; supervise and carry out pest (Vector) management; identify various types of vectors and pests through live samples looked through microscopes. The image can be projected from the microscope onto a projector screen using the classroom media system.

Live Samples and Specimen: Live samples are coordinated and controlled by executive member of National Environment Agency so that vectors and pest are displayed during lessons in the laboratory for both theory and practical.