Lighting and Sound Laboratory


About the Facility
The Lighting and Sound Laboratory is a facility built-for-purpose for conducting theory and practical lessons for students in the Nitec in Electrical Technology (Lighting and Sound) Course.

The lab focused to help students understand and apply principles in lighting and prepare them for the industry.

Facility Concept
A hybrid adaption of a theatre black box located at B02-02/03 provides a conducive and controlled environment for student to explore and learn the principles and applications of lighting. The black box concept provides a total blackout surround giving the perception of infinite depth and space encouraging creative imagination. The room has been divided into 2 sections with one side being set up to simulate a theatrical space and the other “rock&roll” side setting which enables the platforms to be open and versatile. The room set up provides students with two areas that would be familiar to their work life.


Teaching Process
In the Lighting and Sound Laboratory, students are given practical lessons on the design, application and safe operation of lighting and sound equipment. Through doing “live” projects, students are able to hone their skills and knowledge relevant to the industry’s needs.


The “teach less, learn more” approach is adopted in the course to maximize skill retention. Students are regularly kept updated with best practices for the fields of discipline. This is done by close engagement with industry partners and industrial attachment opportunities for students. In all, provide invaluable knowledge and experience towards a holistic education journey for each and every student in the course.