ITE-ABB Automation Technology Solutions Centre


About the Facility
The primary purpose of this Centre is to provide practical training for students on intelligent control system and Industrial IT which are skills used in building automation applications and industrial automation respectively. Housing an accredited training centre for the KNX Association certification of industrial KNX installer, the Centre introduces staff and students to a simulated work environment of the systems used in the industry. With the provision of a conducive environment, the centre aims to provide students with hands-on experiences to design, program, connect, analyse, and understand the operation of KNX and Industrial IT system.

This centre is set up under the joint collaboration with our industrial partner, ABB Industry Pte Ltd and is used by the Nitec in Electrical Technology and Higher Nitec in Electrical Engineering students as part of their training.

Skills Taught
In the ITE-ABB Automation Technology Solutions Centre, the following type of practical lessons will be carried out:

  • Students will learn to design, install and commission installation bus system for a given electrical project.
  • Student will learn the IEC 61131 PLC programming for the Industrial IT control builder.
  • Student will familiarize themselves with Profibus Technology and attain hands-on skills in fieldbus connectivity.

Teaching Process
The ITE-ABB Automation Technology Solution Centre supports the following programmes:

  • Train-the-Trainer Programme – The ITE-ABB collaboration plays a key role in the training and development of ITE teaching staff and other industry trainers. The instructors at the Centre will be able to conduct the train-the-trainer classes pertaining to modules developed under this collaboration such as certified KNX installer.
  • Industry Attachment Programme – Through this programme, ABB will provide industry attachment opportunities and training places for staff and students local and overseas to gain global exposure to new equipment and technologies.
  • Joint Certification Programme – The Centre will help develop joint ITE-ABB certificate programmes on ABB Industrial IT for ITE students and the industry.

In terms of pedagogy, the lab promotes both group learning and independent learning. Students will be grouped into small clusters to work on their projects and practical assignments.