Industrial Automation and Control Centre


About the Facility
The Industrial Automation and Control Centre is set up collaboratively with Omron Electronics Pte Ltd in 2005.

The Centre focuses on the Application of Industrial Automation Solutions and the training of staff and students in the know-how of industrial motor control, programmable logic technology and applications.

Facility Concept
The Industrial Automation and Control Centre is designed to provide hands-on training and exploration in the design, programming, testing of Programmable Logic controller software for industrial automation system and motor control via play and fun learning.


The Centre supports the following programmes:

  • Full time and part time training
    – Nitec in Electrical Technology – Industrial Automation Control
    – Higher Nitec in Electrical Engineering – Electrical Machine and Drives
    – Electives module in PLC Applications and Networking
  • Industry short courses launched for industries
    – Fundamentals of programmable logic controller
    – Application oriented programming technique


Teaching Process
The centre is equipped with Omron elearning programmes and Control Automation system. The setup helps to quicken the learning process and allow students to sharpen their skill sets in the design and application of automation and control.

Learners are also motivated to host and participate actively in such annual events like the Omron Sponsored – Musical Fountain Competition, which enables participants to develop further knowledge and application in an authentic environment.