AutoBotics Centre


About the Facility
The AutoBotics Centre offers students the opportunities to immerse, pursue and to enjoy engineering technology. It seeks to promote the creative exploration, collaborative engagement and purposeful enjoyment of technology in the area of mechanical engineering, automation, robotics and humanoids. The Centre is also augmented by the ITE-Festo Memorandum of Understanding and collaboration in Industrial Automation and Robotics.

Students are encouraged to explore, engage and enjoy engineering and to excel in their academic pursuit. The Centre encourages students to think, engage and apply engineering technology creatively.

The Centre aims to equip and to develop students in the following skills and competencies:
• Industrial Process and Control
• Industrial Automation Control
• Robotic Manufacturing Work-cell
• Robotics
• Humanoid

The Centre is equipped to develop the following skills for the industrial automation environment:

  • Robotic Manufacturing Work-cell
  • Programmable logic controller systems
  • Automation process control systems
  • Humanoids

Industrial Process and Control – Students are trained in process control system application and design that exist in industrial process plants such as pharmaceutical, chemical, oil and gas, food and beverage, etc.


Industrial Automation Control – Students are engaged in Hands-on practical sessions, solving wide spectrum of typical industrial applications. They will work on projects and to solve problems involving a wide spectrum of typical industrial applications – from handling simple automated tasks to complete robot-controlled production line.


Robotics Manufacturing Work-cell – Students are taught how to operate and program a robotics manufacturing work-cell integrated with a five-axis articulated robot and two CNC machines. They will also learn to program and operate CNC machines to produce a range of industry products.

SOE_Facility_AutoBotics_4Robotics – Students will learn the application, design, construction and programming of robots to perform and mimic human functions. The types of robots include line robots, sumo robots, iSoccer robots, underwater robot and piano robots. There are also competition platform arenas for students to pit their robotic skills among themselves.


Humanoids – Students are taught to program and operate the Synchronous and NAO humanoid robots to perform various human functions and operations as well as dance entertainment.

TSOE_Facility_AutoBotics_7he learning/teaching philosophy at the Autobotics Centre @ ME encompasses the 4Es:





It is our belief that technology needs to be enjoyed in order for learning to be lasting.