School of Engineering

Aimed at training students in areas of innovation and application engineered for a better environment, the School of Engineering provides Quality programmes that are delivered by competent and dedicated staff. Students acquire the technological, methodological and social competencies that enable them to be Adaptive and Responsive to the changing needs of the global economy.

The School is committed to provide market-relevant engineering programmes for our students so as to nurture an inventive & entrepreneurial spirit, as well as values and attributes that will help them to be successful in their careers and in life.

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Curriculum & Pedagogy

The School adopts a competency-based training approach. Classroom teaching and hands-on practice-oriented training combine to enhance the learning of concepts and acquisition of technical skills.

Students will be exposed to individual and group work, e-learning and assigned industry attachments or undertake industrial projects.

Training Facilities

At ITE College East, there are various facilities available for students to carry out hands-on training and equip them with industry relevant skills. Collaborations with established industrial players have also been made to provide state-of-the-art training centres for students.

Engineering Labs and Workshop

Autobotics Centre – Designed to offer opportunities to learners to immerse, pursue and to enjoy engineering technology. It seeks to promote the creative exploration, collaborative engagement and purposeful enjoyment of engineering technology in the area of automation, robotics and humanoids. It is equipped with Robotic Manufacturing Workcell, programmable logic controller systems, automation process control systems and humanoids.

Centre for Built Environment – Designed to  equip learners with the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to effectively plan and maintain living and working spaces; along with facilities and infrastructure such as skyscrapers, factories, underground facilities, tunnels and etc.

Courtyard@CE – Designed to provide training for experiential and authentic hands-on Landscape gardening skills from Basic Landscape Conceptualization & Design, Stage Decoration for events, to the more sophisticated Plant Health Care. The Courtyard@CE is equipped to exposed students to Landscape Project Implementation, Landscape Maintenance, Tree Risk Assessment, Tree Climbing and commissioning of Irrigation Systems for various applications.

Industrial Automation and Control Centre – Designed to provide hands-on training and exploration in design, programming, testing of Programmable Logic controller software for industrial automation system and motor control via play and fun learning. The Centre is also equipped with Omron elearning program and Control Automation System that facilitates the annual Musical Fountain Competition.

ITE-ABB Automation Technology Solutions Centre – Designed to provide practical training for students on intelligent control system and Industrial IT which are skills used in building automation applications and industrial automation respectively. Housing an accredited training centre for the KNX Association certification of industrial KNX installer, the Centre introduces staff and students to a simulated work environment of the systems used in the industry. With the provision of a conducive environment, the centre aims to provide students with hands-on experiences to design, program, connect, analyse and understand the operation of KNX and Industrial IT system.

Lighting and Sound Laboratory – Set up as a hybrid adaption of a theatre black box concept that provides a total blackout surrounding giving a perception of infinite depth and space. This set-up allows student to explore and learn the principles and applications of lighting in a creative environment.

Mitsubishi Electric – ITE Training Centre – This training facility is setup to allow our students / participants to understand the basic and in-depth knowledge of Split Unit Inverter System and the Variable Refrigerant Flow System. This workshop is well equipped with the latest diagnostic and design software where students and participants can learn to troubleshoot faults and carry out pipe sizing with ease.

Pest Control & Management Laboratory – Equipped to provide training in pest control and pest management. Learners will experience the exposure to various types of live vectors such as mosquitoes, rodents, fleas, flies, cockroaches, other forms of pest and how to control them under the regulatory requirements. Successful completion in this course will be certified and licensed as Vector Control Workers or Vector Control Technician with National Environment Agency under the Controls of Vectors and Pesticides Acts 1998.

System Integration & Control Laboratory– Designed to teach students on the process of bringing together component subsystems into one system and ensuring that the subsystems function together as a whole. It includes substantial amount of programming, diagnostics & troubleshooting work.

Vertical Transportation Laboratory – Designed to provide training using scale-down simulators and on full scale lift, escalator and travelator. This laboratory is equipped to allow learners to experience the entire process of installation, maintenance and replacement of lift, escalator and travelator equipment, diagnose plus troubleshoot defects and faults, conduct testing and commissioning of lift and escalator systems.

IT Labs

Besides the common IT training facilities available for e-Learning and web-centric delivery of our curriculum, the School of Engineering is also equipped with Engineering CAD Labs. To support the training in engineering design and simulations, these laboratories are equipped with computer-aided design tools and 3D printers to produce 2D engineering related drawings and 3D models of Mechanical systems. Some of the CAD software available in these laboratories includes Solidworks and AutoCAD Mechanical and Electrical.