ITE-Samsung Tech Hub

ITE-Samsung Tech Hub is designed to provide students with an authentic learning environment, integrating industry-centric curriculum framework to support the training of Nitec in Electronics, Computer Networking & Communications, Nitec in Electronics (Display Technology) and Nitec in Electronics (Mobile Devices) courses.

The ITE-Samsung Tech Hub support activities that include Technology training, student & staff project development, industry projects and industry collaboration, authentic mobile servicing and maintenance and customer servicing.

Specific Training Skills Taughttraining_facilities_samsungtechhub

The facility is designed to develop the following salient skill sets for our graduates:

Display Technology
System Integration, System Diagnostic, Test & Measurement & Content Management

Mobile Devices
Entrepreneurship, Supervisory and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Mobile Device Servicing

Training Methods & Process

The Tech Hub imparts emerging technologies through the following solutions:

Customer-Centric Services, Commercial Advertising and Merchandising
Students are trained in a customer–centric service set up to develop problem-solving skill and techniques in self-kiosk. They customise various display applications for merchandising based on customer requirements and learn to maintain, design and manage outdoor display commercial advertising.

Students are engaged in the 21st century classroom environment with latest display technology. They are also exposed to latest technology tools and research-based instructional strategies.

Lifestyle and Entertainment
Students are trained in system design and system integrations for exceptional combinations of different display gadgets and technology in home environment. At the same time, they learn to perform measurement, testing and system integration of indoor entertainment solution system.

Supervisory & CRM Capability Building
Students take on the roles of a customer care officer and supervisor to experience the process of customer servicing through interactive role-play. CRM software is used as one of the business strategy tools to achieve customer satisfaction.

Mobile Device Servicing Capability Building
Students are taught device configurations, backup and restoration, firmware upgrade, removal of device housing for basic repair and after-repair functionality check. They also learn about Enterprise Mobile Device Management to track mobile devices and perform functions such as applying security centrally and other enterprise policies.

Repair, Test and Measurement Capability Building
Students disassemble and assemble a mobile device and perform modular repair while observing full compliance to ESD precaution. Students also learn how to perform test and measurement, fault log entry and proper repair documentations.