Centre for Lifestyle & Entertainment


The Electronics and Info-Comm Centre for Lifestyle & Entertainment is designed for technology training and project development to build expertise for the Lifestyle & Media Entertainment industry sectors. It aims to provide students with the opportunities to learn and acquire the latest technologies and skills through a series of authentic learning activities. The Centre is also a platform for staff capability building.

The key technology areas are in Web Services, Wireless & Mobile Applications Development, IT Security and Digital Media Content Development and Production.

The centre is augmented by supporting facilities, as in the:

  • Infocomm Security Resource Centre: To provide resources for staff, students and industry, to enable curriculum delivery of joint certification modules, training of industry partners and customers on IT Security Technology, Security Audit, and Security Practices. It also offer security technology services to Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) such as in security audits, assessments, and operating environment hardening; and
  • Media Magic Centre: As a one-stop media production facility that provides media solutions and consultancy to industry from graphic design and packaging, advertising, to video, film and studio productions.

Skills Taught
Key technologies include Web Services, IT Security, Wireless & Mobile Applications Development and Digital Media Content Development & Production which are the focus of the Centre. Students will be trained to apply these technologies in the Lifestyle and Media Entertainment industry sectors as well as be trained for competitions and project work.

Teaching Process
The centre supports the following programmes:

  • Train-the-Trainer Programme – the Centre plays a key role in the training and development of ITE teaching staff and industry trainers, both locally and from the region. The instructors will be able to conduct the train-the-trainer classes pertaining to the technology areas available at the Centre.
  • Technology Transfer Programme – The modules will focus on the theoretical and practical aspects of the implementation of web services and in IT Security.
  • Entry-level ICT Professional Certifications Development Programme – The entry-level ICT elective modules, known as Joint ITE-Industry Certificate modules, will focus on the pre-requisites to industry professional certification programmes.
  • Industry Project Programme – This programme will provide students and staff with opportunities to apply and enhance their technical competencies through the development of technology solutions for the industry.

The teaching process involves project work with independent learning and practice. The emphasis is also on group learning and sharing.