School of Electronics & Info-Comm Technology

Delivering Electronics and Info-Communications Technology training and providing enterprise IT solutions, the School of Electronics & Info-Comm Technology’s Dynamic training environment and Innovative teaching techniques enable students to acquire creative problem-solving capabilities as part of lifelong learning. Students are equipped with Industry-Relevant skill sets, enterprising mindsets and technological capabilities, which are the critical success factors to ensure that they are always world-ready.

The School is committed to:

  • Producing industry-adaptive and employable graduates;
  • Nurturing students into self-motivators for lifelong learning;
  • Building a dynamic, interesting and fun learning environment for students and staff; and
  • Promoting an environment full of opportunities in areas of learning, work and technology.

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About Curriculum & Pedagogy

The school adopts a competency-based training approach. Our students will be well equipped in technical competencies as well as social and life skills. In the course of their education, our students will discover new skills and knowledge through exploratory teaching and learning methodologies. Students will be exposed to individual and group work, case studies, problem-based learning and e-learning. They will learn in authentic workplace environment, making them relevant and ready to face the challenges of the industry. Students will also have opportunities to participate in industrial attachment programs to further develop skills learnt in the classroom and to gain valuable experience working in relevant industry.

Training Facilities

Learning will be facilitated by the following Labs and Centres:

Broadband Technology & Services Centre – emulates the real world environment of the telecommunications industry and provides authentic learning activities to prepare graduates to be work-ready in an ever changing job landscape.

Centre for Lifestyle & Entertainment – designed for technology training and project work to build expertise for the Lifestyle and Media Entertainment industries.

Computer Technology Labs – equipped with hardware and software for the teaching of PC Maintenance, Computer Comunications and Linux Administration.

Electronics & Communication Labs – equipped with tools for teaching the construction of electronic circuits and troubleshooting of communication receivers.

Internet Applications & Programming Labs – equipped with software for teaching the construction of web-based applications.

ITE-Samsung Tech Hub – designed to provide students with an authentic learning environment, integrating industry-centric curriculum framework to support the training of Nitec in Electronics, Computer Networking & Communications, Nitec in Electronics (Display Technology) and Nitec in Electronics (Mobile Devices) courses.

Media Development Labs  – equipped with hardware and software for teaching the preparation, editing, digitising as well as compression of audio and video media.

Multimedia Development & Applications Labs – equipped with software for teaching the development of 2D and 3D computer graphics images and animation for multimedia applications.

Network Technology Labs – equipped with hardware for teaching the setting-up, configuration and testing of computer Local Area Networks.

Software Applications Labs – equipped with software for teaching software programming and the concepts of object-oriented programming.