School of Business & Services

The School of Business & Services provides niche training in Business Services, Lifestyle and Wellness to support Singapore’s growing economy. Guided by the core values of Service, Professionalism and Enterprise, students are encouraged to adopt a ‘customer service’ mindset, to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit and to display confidence and pride as a service professional.

The School is committed to provide premier post-secondary business services and lifestyle courses and a learning environment for our students that:

  • Develop technical, social and methodological competencies relevant to industry demands;
  • Foster an entrepreneurial mindset amongst our students;
  • Inculcate personal values and attributes that promote adaptability and resilience in today’s ever-changing business world.

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THE EDGE is an annual online newsletter which gives a glimpse of the activities in the School of Business & Services.

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Curriculum & Pedagogy

We offer a competency-based training approach that integrates creativity, exploration, hands-on practice, reflective training and e-learning.

To inject commercial realism and equip students to be work-ready, classroom training is supplemented by industry attachment and simulated practice at training centres.

Training Facilities

At ITE College East, we have various facilities available for students to carry out hands-on training and equip them with industry relevant skills.  Collaborations with established industrial players have also been made to provide state-of-the-art training centres for students.

Business Labs

The facilities in the School of Business serve to simulate the dynamics of a real business environment.

Enterprise Development Centre (EDC)

This Centre is a one-stop enterprise support centre which supports young and budding new entrepreneurs. Housed within the 8,000 square feet centre are facilities supporting the various new services and innovation & entrepreneurial-directed programmes.

Beauty Therapy Training Centre

Equipment for basic beauty treatments are adequately available, to help facilitate training in a manner that is cost-effective and aligned with industry trends. Besides the training spaces, there are corners for changing, storage, and even laundry washing. The comprehensive layout is to provide students with an environment that is professional, holistic and realistic.

Hair Spa & Design Centre

The 690 m2 Hair Spa & Design Centre (HDTC) was officially opened on 7 Jan 2011. It is set up to support the Nitec in Hair Services courses. The Centre comprises five main studios, namely: Hairstyling Studio1, Hairstyling Studio 2, Chemical Treatment Studio, Hair Wash Studio, Hair Spa. In addition, there are also 3 auxiliary studios/suite namely: Photography Studio, Consultation Area and Hair Spa VIP Suite.

Grooming and Poise Training Centre

The centre is designed to promote the art of projecting a professional image  through proper grooming postures as well as applying proper etiquette in business setting.

Human Performance Lab

This Lab is designed to complement the theoretical aspects of the Sport Management and Fitness Training course with up to date, state of the art sport equipment.

Logistics Training Centre

This training centre simulates a typical warehouse environment where students have an overview of the workflow and are trained to be hands-on to perform various activities commonly carried out in a warehouse.

IT Labs
Student learning will take an IT-based and web-centric approach. This will be facilitated by:

Business Applications Lab (Accounting)

This lab is equipped with tools and software for the teaching of accounting application software, such as ACCPAC.

Business Applications Lab (Logistics)

This lab is equipped with tools and software for the teaching of logistics application software, such as Freight Management System, Warehouse Management System, SAP and TradeNet.

Business IT Labs

These labs are equipped with tools & software for the teaching of standard office application software, as well as graphics and web application software.