ITE-Yokogawa Engineering Asia (YEA) Process Gas Chromatography Centre of Technology

About the Facility
The primary purpose of this Centre of Technology (COT) is to provide training for staff and students in the Chemical Process Technology (CPT) Department on Process Gas Chromatography (PGC). It is also used by YEA to train their clients in their PGC training programme. PGC is a piece of specialized online instrumentation used in the process industry for measuring the composition of the components in gas streams. This equipment incorporates a laboratory gas chromatograph analyzer and an automated sampling system into a single and compact package to provide automatic online qualitative and quantitative process stream analysis. The results of these online process stream analyses can then be used in advanced process control to more effectively and efficiently control the process.

This Centre is set up under a joint collaboration with our industrial partner, Yokogawa Engineering Asia Pte Ltd (YEA).

Skills Taught
In the ITE-YEA PGC COT, the following type of lessons will be taught:

  • The basic principles of gas chromatography and operation of the YEA PGC.
  • The basic system setup and configuration of the YEA PGC.
  • The maintenance of the sampling system and replacement of the components of the YEA PGC.

Teaching Process
The teaching process involves both theoretical lessons and practical laboratory sessions with an emphasis on group learning and sharing. The theoretical lessons are conducted in classrooms. The practical laboratory sessions are taught through demonstration by the lecturer followed by hands-on practice by the students and industrial participants.

Programmes Supported
The ITE-YEA PGC COT supports the following programmes:

  • YEA PGC Training Programme – YEA will be using this Centre to provide PGC system configuration and maintenance training for their clients. This training programme is also opened to the teaching staff of ITE. YEA will also offer Train-the-Trainer to ITE staff who are nominated to be certified trainers for YEA PGC.
  • Industry Attachment Programme – YEA will provide industry attachment opportunities and training places for staff and students locally and overseas to gain global exposure in the industrial application of PGC.
  • Joint Certification Programme – YEA and ITE will jointly develop Joint Certification electives, short courses and customised courses to meet the specific needs of ITE students, YEA clients and industry.

Location: T01-03A

Courses using this facility: Nitec in Chemical Process Technology

Modules using this facility: Introduction to Process Gas Chromatography Elective

Capacity: 20 students