ITE Centre for Healthcare Simulation Training


This centre is specially designed to provide students with opportunities to practice their skills on high fidelity patient simulators. It is the first simulation centre of this scale in Singapore and the region and has a unique layout which demarcates four different training zones.

The training zones comprise a Ward, an Operating Theatre, an Intensive Care Ward and an Emergency Room. Overlooking the four training zones in the core of the Centre is the control room, which serves as the nerve centre of the facility. Each of the training zones encompasses a debriefing room where students can make careful observation of the simulation training in their respective zones. The Centre is equipped with actual facilities and equipment used by hospitals, making it a potential venue for nurses from the industry to use the Centre for training.

Skills Taught
Students can use the customized high fidelity patient care simulators to practice their nursing skills and help them develop problem-solving as well as critical thinking skills. The Centre is also an avenue which facilitates the consolidation of knowledge, skills and positive behaviours in the delivery of patient care. Students will learn to be versatile and be taught how to respond to rarely seen critical incidences. This will help better prepare them for the roles they play in their future vocation as enrolled nurses.

Teaching Process
A collaboration of this nature provides a platform for the building of staff capabilities in new pedagogic and andragogic approaches in terms of the scripting of scenarios unique to our cultural context and simulation training on high fidelity manikins.

A facilitative approach is engaged utilizing case studies, scenarios and vignettes, which are based on realistic clinical situations and physiologically responsive patient simulators. Students are actively involved in role-plays and reflective learning practices. Through the use of training scenarios for the Human Patient Simulator and Emergency Care Simulators, students can develop clinical decision-making skills and competency.