School of Applied & Health Sciences

Focused on training in Healthcare, Allied Health, Life and Chemical Sciences, and characterised by the 3 ‘P’s – Professionalism, Passion and Progressive, the School of Applied & Health Sciences nurtures future professionals for the industry. New, relevant courses based on innovative, exploratory approaches and learning modes are developed to ensure that staff and students stay at the forefront of teaching and learning.

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Curriculum & Pedagogy

Our programmes emphasize a balance between knowledge, skills training and industrial exposure. All programmes in the School, therefore, consist of lectures, laboratory and simulation training, as well as internship programmes (industrial attachments) or industry projects.

Our curriculum thus ensures that our graduates will be able to embark on their careers in the healthcare or chemical and life sciences industry confidently. The School is committed to preparing our students to face the challenges of their workplace after going through the practice-oriented curriculum delivered by dedicated, qualified and experienced professionals in the field.

Training Facilities

At ITE College East, there are various facilities available for students to carry out hands-on training and equip them with industry relevant skills. Collaborations with established industrial players have also been made to provide state-of-the-art training centres for students (Centres of Technology).

For Community Care

The Community Care Training Centre was set up to support the Nitec in Community Care & Social Services course. The Centre features a client bedroom, assisted bath facility, rehabilitation and recreation areas. There is a pantry and dining area to simulate an authentic home environment for teaching occupational therapy as well as a reminiscing corner for patients with dementia. In addition, a mock classroom is built into the lab to resemble a special needs training school environment.

To further inject realism into our training, the Centre has been fitted with the standard fixtures and fittings that are found in senior citizens day care centres and community hospitals. For example, each bed and toilet/shower cubicle has been fitted with an emergency call bell system. Passageways, rooms, toilets, etc in the Centre are also fitted with handrails and bump guards. The Centre serves to enhance students’ learning in an authentic environment through authentic tasks, authentic experiences, and authentic assessments.

For Nursing

The nursing laboratories are designed to provide simulated ward settings for the teaching of skills in a realistic environment. The simulated wards include isolation, geriatric and general wards.

The ITE Centre for Healthcare Simulation Training is a state-of-the-art training facility which provides students with the opportunity to learn and practise nursing care using high fidelity patient simulators.

For Paramedic and Emergency Care

Keen to make a difference to patients’ lives and save them from the brink of death?

If you enjoy working in an environment filled with adrenaline rush and love the challenge of making decisions that can matter between life and death, join us and be a paramedic in pre-hospital care. Be ready to restart the heart using an automated external defibrillator, relieve the shortness of breath of an asthmatic patient or be prepared to assist in the delivery of a newborn.

The course will provide you with the knowledge and skills of operating as a paramedic in the emergency ambulance.
Be expected to be equipped with essential skills to assess patient independently in the pre-hospital setting and provide emergency treatment to patient in critical condition.

For Opticianry

The Opticianry Retail & Training Laboratory is specifically designed to provide training in a fully functional optical retail environment. Students will be trained in  lens cutting technology, optical retail management and basic eye testing procedures.

The lab is modelled after a full scale optical retail practice and provides an authentic learning environment to prepare students for their role as an optician in the primary eye-care industry. Students are exposed to real life situations and will actively participate in various aspects of eye-care services.

For Biotechnology and Chemical Technology

The facilities available include:

  • Microbiology labs to provide a conducive skills-acquiring environment to practice safe-handling of microorganisms;
  • Chemistry labs designed to provide a practical understanding of chemistry in life science;
  • Molecular biology lab to provide an an inspiring setting for students to pick up essential skills for manipulating DNA;
  • Analytical labs designed to provide provide hands-on training in the use of high-end instruments for analysis of chemical compounds and biomolecules;
  • Student project labs designed to enable students to stretch their limits of innovation in biotechnology and chemical technology.

For Applied Food Science

The facilities available include the Food Processing Laboratory and Food Science Laboratory.

Equipped with pilot plant scale food processing equipment and analyzers, the Food Processing Laboratory provides a realistic hands-on learning environment for learners who seek to achieve mastery of operating and maintaining equipment and product testing skills all in one purpose-built setting.

The Food Science Laboratory is a versatile training facility where learners unravel the miracles of Food Science while performing scientific experiments with laboratory scale equipment and utensils. The laboratory is used to  facilitate authentic learning for students to attain proficiency in the skills required for shelf life studies and food quality evaluation.

For Chemical Process Technology

The chemical process training laboratories are equipped with scaled down process pilot plants commonly used in industries, to provide hands-on training in operating and controlling continuous or batch processes in the biologics, petrochemical or pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

The ITE-YEA Process Gas Chromatography Centre of Technology is to provide training for staff and students on Process Gas Chromatography (PGC). It is also used by YEA to train their clients in their PGC training programme.