Students must be properly attired in ITE uniform or prescribed attire while in College during term time and at all ITE-organised activities, events or functions (Please refer to examples of School/Course uniforms as shown below).

No modification to the uniform or prescribed attire is allowed.

Male students are not allowed to put on earrings or studs.

During Industry Attachment, students must follow the company’s dress code.

Trainees, under the ITE’s Traineeship Programme, attending Off-the-Job Training at ITE must be attired in either     company uniform or ITE uniform.

Footwear: Dark-coloured shoes (at least 50% black, blue, grey or brown) in plain design and with only simple logo

Black Covered Shoes only: All students from the School of Applied & Health Sciences (Community Care & Social Services, Nursing and Opticianry) and School of Business and Services (Beauty & Wellness, Beauty & Spa Management, Accounting, Business Services, Finance Services and Hair Services) are required to wear black covered shoes.

Sports Shoes only: All Fitness Training and Sport Management students are required to wear suitable trainers or sports shoes.

Safety Boots: All students from the School of Engineering are required to purchase safety boots.

Lab Coat: All students from the Applied Food Science , Chemical Process Technology and Chemical Technology courses are required to purchase lab coats.

Pants only: All female students from the Applied Food Science, Biotechnology, Chemical Process Technology, Chemical Technology, Digital Audio & Video Production and Opticianry courses are required to wear pants as part of their uniform.

School of Applied & Health Sciences

School of Business & Services

School of Electronics & Info-Comm Technology

School of Engineering

Where and when can students buy uniforms during term time? Can they use Nets to pay for the uniforms?

Uniforms will be on sale every Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 6.00pm at JCS@EAST retail outlet located at the Business Block, unit B01-15. Only cash is accepted for payment for uniforms at the JCS shop.

Where can student get help if they do not have the money to buy uniforms?
Apply for Special Student Assistance Scheme. Application form is available at the CVC.

Why must student wear dark coloured (black, blue, grey or brown) shoes when in uniform?
Wearing dark coloured shoes with the uniform is to help our students project a professional and positive image to members of the public. Students who are caught not wearing dark coloured shoes when in uniform will have their names taken down. Third time offenders will be made to perform corrective work in the College.

What is the purpose of the lanyard? What will happen if students do not wear the lanyard?
The lanyard serves as a form of identification of students from the various Schools. The lanyard is used to hold the student ez-link card. Students are required to wear the lanyard when they are in the College. Students who are caught without the lanyard will have their names taken down. Third time offenders will be made to perform corrective work.