5th Year of 3M Step-Up Challenge @South East 2017

By Ms Lee Siew Lian, Senior Lecturer, Electrical Engineering, School of Engineering

School of Engineering (SOE) organised the 3M Step-Up Challenge @South East on Friday, 21 July 2017.  The objectives are to encourage the community to keep fit and climb up the stairs for a good cause.  For every 500 steps climbed, 3M Singapore contributes a household product for a South East district needy family.  All staff and students from School of Engineering will be distributing the 3M household hampers to the needy families during our 6th year, SOE Community Engagement Day, which will be held on Friday, 20 Oct 2017.

With the strong support from CE Management, colleagues and students, we have achieved a total of 890,400 STEPS, which exceeded SOE’s target of 500,000 steps! Great Step-Up!

Thank you Dr Yek Tiew Ming, Principal, for gracing the event.


And the Challenge begins!



An achievement unlocked!

 A Great Thank you to all who has in one way or another participated in this event!